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Meaning of Haemo-

Haemo- means: See Haema-.

Meaning of Haemochrome

Haemochrome means: Same as Haemachrome.

Meaning of Haemochromogen

Haemochromogen means: A body obtained from hemoglobin, by the action of reducing agents in the absence of oxygen.

Meaning of Haemochromometer

Haemochromometer means: An apparatus for measuring the amount of hemoglobin in a fluid, by comparing it with a solution of known strength and of normal color.

Meaning of Haemocyanin

Haemocyanin means: Same as Haemacyanin.

Meaning of Haemocytolysis

Haemocytolysis means: See Haemocytotrypsis.

Meaning of Haemocytometer

Haemocytometer means: See Haemacytometer.

Meaning of Haemocytotrypsis

Haemocytotrypsis means: A breaking up of the blood corpuscles, as by pressure, in distinction from solution of the corpuscles, or haemcytolysis.

Meaning of Haemodromograph

Haemodromograph means: Same as Haemadromograph.

Meaning of Haemodynameter

Haemodynameter means: Same as Hemadynamics.

Words and definitions

Meaning of Zoccolo

Zoccolo means: Same as Socle.

Meaning of Zocco

Zocco means: Alt. of Zoccolo

Meaning of Zocle

Zocle means: Same as Socle.

Meaning of Zobo

Zobo means: A kind of domestic cattle reared in Asia for its flesh and milk. It is supposed to be a hybrid between the zebu and the yak.

Meaning of Zoanthus

Zoanthus means: A genus of Actinaria, including numerous species, found mostly in tropical seas. The zooids or polyps resemble small, elongated actinias united together at their bases by fleshy stolons, and thus forming extensive groups. The tentacles are small and bright colored.

Meaning of Zoanthropy

Zoanthropy means: A kind of monomania in which the patient believes himself transformed into one of the lower animals.

Meaning of Zoanthoid

Zoanthoid means: Of or pertaining to the Zoanthacea.

Meaning of Zoanthodeme

Zoanthodeme means: The zooids of a compound anthozoan, collectively.

Meaning of Zoantharian

Zoantharian means: One of the Anthozoa.

Meaning of Zoantharian

Zoantharian means: Of or pertaining to the Zoantharia.

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