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Meaning of Ianthinas

Ianthinas means: of Ianthina

Meaning of Ianthina

Ianthina means: Any gastropod of the genus Ianthina, of which various species are found living in mid ocean; -- called also purple shell, and violet snail.

Meaning of Iatraliptic

Iatraliptic means: Treating diseases by anointing and friction; as, the iatraliptic method.

Meaning of Iatric

Iatric means: Alt. of Iatrical

Meaning of Iatrical

Iatrical means: Of or pertaining to medicine, or to medical men.

Meaning of Iatrochemical

Iatrochemical means: Of or pertaining to iatrochemistry, or to the iatrochemists.

Meaning of Iatrochemist

Iatrochemist means: A physician who explained or treated diseases upon chemical principles; one who practiced iatrochemistry.

Meaning of Iatrochemistry

Iatrochemistry means: Chemistry applied to, or used in, medicine; -- used especially with reference to the doctrines in the school of physicians in Flanders, in the 17th century, who held that health depends upon the proper chemical relations of the fluids of the body, and who endeavored to explain the conditions of health or disease by chemical principles.

Meaning of Iatromathematical

Iatromathematical means: Of or pertaining to iatromathematicians or their doctrine.

Meaning of Iatromathematician

Iatromathematician means: One of a school of physicians in Italy, about the middle of the 17th century, who tried to apply the laws of mechanics and mathematics to the human body, and hence were eager student of anatomy; -- opposed to the iatrochemists.

Words and definitions

Meaning of Zymic

Zymic means: Pertaining to, or produced by, fermentation; -- formerly, by confusion, used to designate lactic acid.

Meaning of Zyme

Zyme means: The morbific principle of a zymotic disease.

Meaning of Zyme

Zyme means: A ferment.

Meaning of Zymase

Zymase means: A soluble ferment, or enzyme. See Enzyme.

Meaning of Zylonite

Zylonite means: Celluloid.

Meaning of Zygospore

Zygospore means: A spore formed by the union of several zoospores; -- called also zygozoospore.

Meaning of Zygospore

Zygospore means: Same as Zygosperm.

Meaning of Zygosphene

Zygosphene means: A median process on the front part of the neural arch of the vertebrae of most snakes and some lizards, which fits into a fossa, called the zygantrum, on the back part of the arch in front.

Meaning of Zygosperm

Zygosperm means: A spore formed by the union of the contents of two similar cells, either of the same or of distinct individual plants. Zygosperms are found in certain orders of algae and fungi.

Meaning of Zygosis

Zygosis means: Same as Conjugation.

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