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Meaning of Ignitor

Ignitor means: One who, or that which, produces ignition; especially, a contrivance for igniting the powder in a torpedo or the like.

Meaning of Ignivomous

Ignivomous means: Vomiting fire.

Meaning of Ignobility

Ignobility means: Ignobleness.

Meaning of Ignoble

Ignoble means: Of low birth or family; not noble; not illustrious; plebeian; common; humble.

Meaning of Ignoble

Ignoble means: Not honorable, elevated, or generous; base.

Meaning of Ignoble

Ignoble means: Not a true or noble falcon; -- said of certain hawks, as the goshawk.

Meaning of Ignoble

Ignoble means: To make ignoble.

Meaning of Ignobleness

Ignobleness means: State or quality of being ignoble.

Meaning of Ignobly

Ignobly means: In an ignoble manner; basely.

Meaning of Ignominious

Ignominious means: Marked with ignominy; in curring public disgrace; dishonorable; shameful.

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Meaning of Zamang

Zamang means: An immense leguminous tree (Pithecolobium Saman) of Venezuela. Its branches form a hemispherical mass, often one hundred and eighty feet across. The sweet pulpy pods are used commonly for feeding cattle. Also called rain tree.

Meaning of Zalambdodont

Zalambdodont means: One of the Zalambdodonta. The tenrec, solenodon, and golden moles are examples.

Meaning of Zalambdodont

Zalambdodont means: Of or pertaining to a tribe (Zalambdodonta) of Insectivora in which the molar teeth have but one V-shaped ridge.

Meaning of Zain

Zain means: A horse of a dark color, neither gray nor white, and having no spots.

Meaning of Zaimet

Zaimet means: A district from which a Zaim draws his revenue.

Meaning of Zaim

Zaim means: A Turkish chief who supports a mounted militia bearing the same name.

Meaning of Zaffer

Zaffer means: A pigment obtained, usually by roasting cobalt glance with sand or quartz, as a dark earthy powder. It consists of crude cobalt oxide, or of an impure cobalt arseniate. It is used in porcelain painting, and in enameling pottery, to produce a blue color, and is often confounded with smalt, from which, however, it is distinct, as it contains no potash. The name is often loosely applied to mixtures of zaffer proper with silica, or oxides of iron, manganese, etc.

Meaning of Zaerthe

Zaerthe means: Same as Z/rthe.

Meaning of Zachun

Zachun means: An oil pressed by the Arabs from the fruit of a small thorny tree (Balanites Aegyptiaca), and sold to piligrims for a healing ointment.

Meaning of Zacco

Zacco means: See Zocco.

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