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Meaning of Jansenist

Jansenist means: A follower of Cornelius Jansen, a Roman Catholic bishop of Ypres, in Flanders, in the 17th century, who taught certain doctrines denying free will and the possibility of resisting divine grace.

Meaning of Jant

Jant means: See Jaunt.

Meaning of Janthina

Janthina means: See Ianthina.

Meaning of Jantily

Jantily means: See Jauntily.

Meaning of Jantiness

Jantiness means: See Jauntiness.

Meaning of Jantu

Jantu means: A machine of great antiquity, used in Bengal for raising water to irrigate land.

Meaning of Janty

Janty means: See Jaunty.

Meaning of January

January means: The first month of the year, containing thirty-one days.

Meaning of Janus

Janus means: A Latin deity represented with two faces looking in opposite directions. Numa is said to have dedicated to Janus the covered passage at Rome, near the Forum, which is usually called the Temple of Janus. This passage was open in war and closed in peace.

Meaning of Janus-faced

Janus-faced means: Double-faced; deceitful.

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Meaning of Zincode

Zincode means: The positive electrode of an electrolytic cell; anode.

Meaning of Zinco-

Zinco- means: A combining form from zinc; in chemistry, designating zinc as an element of certain double compounds. Also used adjectively.

Meaning of Zincky

Zincky means: Pertaining to zinc, or having its appearance.

Meaning of Zincing

Zincing means: The act or process of applying zinc; galvanization.

Meaning of Zincking

Zincking means: Alt. of Zincing

Meaning of Zincite

Zincite means: Native zinc oxide; a brittle, translucent mineral, of an orange-red color; -- called also red zinc ore, and red oxide of zinc.

Meaning of Zincify

Zincify means: To coat or impregnate with zinc.

Meaning of Zincification

Zincification means: The act or process of applying zinc; the condition of being zincified, or covered with zinc; galvanization.

Meaning of Zinciferous

Zinciferous means: Containing or affording zinc.

Meaning of Zincide

Zincide means: A binary compound of zinc.

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