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Words and definitions

Words and definitions

Meaning of Yren

Yren means: Iron.

Meaning of Yraft

Yraft means: Bereft.

Meaning of Ypsiloid

Ypsiloid means: In the form of the letter Y; Y-shaped.

Meaning of Ypsiliform

Ypsiliform means: Resembling the / in appearance; -- said of the germinal spot in the ripe egg at one of the stages of fecundation.

Meaning of Ypres lace

Ypres lace means: Fine bobbin lace made at Ypres in Belgium, usually exactly like Valenciennes lace.

Meaning of Ypocras

Ypocras means: Hippocras.

Meaning of Ypight

Ypight means: See Pight.

Meaning of Yox

Yox means: See Yex.

Meaning of Yowley

Yowley means: The European yellow-hammer.

Meaning of Yowl

Yowl means: A loud, protracted, and mournful cry, as that of a dog; a howl.

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