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Meaning of Magpie

Magpie means: Any one of numerous species of the genus Pica and related genera, allied to the jays, but having a long graduated tail.

Meaning of Maguari

Maguari means: A South American stork (Euxenara maguari), having a forked tail.

Meaning of Maguey

Maguey means: The century plant, a species of Agave (A. Americana). See Agave.

Meaning of Magyar

Magyar means: One of the dominant people of Hungary, allied to the Finns; a Hungarian.

Meaning of Magyar

Magyar means: The language of the Magyars.

Meaning of Maha

Maha means: A kind of baboon; the wanderoo.

Meaning of Mahabarata

Mahabarata means: Alt. of Mahabharatam

Meaning of Mahabharatam

Mahabharatam means: A celebrated epic poem of the Hindoos. It is of great length, and is chiefly devoted to the history of a civil war between two dynasties of ancient India.

Meaning of Mahaled

Mahaled means: A cherry tree (Prunus Mahaleb) of Southern Europe. The wood is prized by cabinetmakers, the twigs are used for pipe stems, the flowers and leaves yield a perfume, and from the fruit a violet dye and a fermented liquor (like kirschwasser) are prepared.

Meaning of Maharajah

Maharajah means: A sovereign prince in India; -- a title given also to other persons of high rank.

Words and definitions

Meaning of Yowl

Yowl means: To utter a loud, long, and mournful cry, as a dog; to howl; to yell.

Meaning of Yowe

Yowe means: A ewe.

Meaning of Yow

Yow means: You.

Meaning of Youze

Youze means: The cheetah.

Meaning of Youthy

Youthy means: Young.

Meaning of Youthsome

Youthsome means: Youthful.

Meaning of Youthly

Youthly means: Young; youthful.

Meaning of Youthhood

Youthhood means: The quality or state of being a youth; the period of youth.

Meaning of Youthful

Youthful means: Fresh; vigorous, as in youth.

Meaning of Youthful

Youthful means: Of or pertaining to the early part of life; suitable to early life; as, youthful days; youthful sports.

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