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Meaning of Nasally

Nasally means: In a nasal manner; by the nose.

Meaning of Nascal

Nascal means: A kind of pessary of medicated wool or cotton, formerly used.

Meaning of Nascency

Nascency means: State of being nascent; birth; beginning; origin.

Meaning of Nascent

Nascent means: Commencing, or in process of development; beginning to exist or to grow; coming into being; as, a nascent germ.

Meaning of Nascent

Nascent means: Evolving; being evolved or produced.

Meaning of Naseberry

Naseberry means: A tropical fruit. See Sapodilla.

Meaning of Nash

Nash means: Firm; stiff; hard; also, chilly.

Meaning of Nasicornous

Nasicornous means: Bearing a horn, or horns, on the nose, as the rhinoceros.

Meaning of Nasiform

Nasiform means: Having the shape of a nose.

Meaning of Nasion

Nasion means: The middle point of the nasofrontal suture.

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Meaning of Zigzag

Zigzag means: A molding running in a zigzag line; a chevron, or series of chevrons. See Illust. of Chevron, 3.

Meaning of Zigzag

Zigzag means: Something that has short turns or angles.

Meaning of Zighyr

Zighyr means: Same as Sicker.

Meaning of Zigger

Zigger means: Alt. of Zighyr

Meaning of Zif

Zif means: The second month of the Jewish ecclesiastical year, corresponding to our May.

Meaning of Zietrisikite

Zietrisikite means: A mineral wax, vert similar to ozocerite. It is found at Zietrisika, Moldavia, whence its name.

Meaning of Ziega

Ziega means: Curd produced from milk by adding acetic acid, after rennet has ceased to cause coagulation.

Meaning of Zibeth

Zibeth means: A carnivorous mammal (Viverra zibetha) closely allied to the civet, from which it differs in having the spots on the body less distinct, the throat whiter, and the black rings on the tail more numerous.

Meaning of Zibet

Zibet means: Alt. of Zibeth

Meaning of Zeylanite

Zeylanite means: See Ceylanite.

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