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Meaning of Natatorium

Natatorium means: A swimming bath.

Meaning of Natatory

Natatory means: Adapted for swimming or floating; as, natatory organs.

Meaning of Natch

Natch means: The rump of beef; esp., the lower and back part of the rump.

Meaning of Natchez

Natchez means: A tribe of Indians who formerly lived near the site of the city of Natchez, Mississippi. In 1729 they were subdued by the French; the survivors joined the Creek Confederacy.

Meaning of Natchnee

Natchnee means: An annual grass (Eleusine coracona), cultivated in India as a food plant.

Meaning of Nates

Nates means: The buttocks.

Meaning of Nates

Nates means: The two anterior of the four lobes on the dorsal side of the midbrain of most mammals; the anterior optic lobes.

Meaning of Nates

Nates means: The umbones of a bivalve shell.

Meaning of Nath

Nath means: hath not.

Meaning of Nathless

Nathless means: Nevertheless.

Words and definitions

Meaning of Zenana

Zenana means: The part of a dwelling appropriated to women.

Meaning of Zemni

Zemni means: The blind mole rat (Spalax typhlus), native of Eastern Europe and Asia. Its eyes and ears are rudimentary, and its fur is soft and brownish, more or less tinged with gray. It constructs extensive burrows.

Meaning of Zemindari

Zemindari means: Same as Zamindary.

Meaning of Zemindary

Zemindary means: Alt. of Zemindari

Meaning of Zemindar

Zemindar means: Same as Zamindar.

Meaning of Zein

Zein means: A nitrogenous substance of the nature of gluten, obtained from the seeds of Indian corn (Zea) as a soft, yellowish, amorphous substance.

Meaning of Zehner

Zehner means: An Austrian silver coin equal to ten kreutzers, or about five cents.

Meaning of Zeekoe

Zeekoe means: A hippopotamus.

Meaning of Zedoary

Zedoary means: A medicinal substance obtained in the East Indies, having a fragrant smell, and a warm, bitter, aromatic taste. It is used in medicine as a stimulant.

Meaning of Zed

Zed means: The letter Z; -- called also zee, and formerly izzard.

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