Words starting with praet

Words and definitions

Meaning of Praeter-

Praeter- means: A prefix. See Preter-.

Meaning of Praeterist

Praeterist means: See Preterist.

Meaning of Praetermit

Praetermit means: See Pretermit.

Meaning of Praetextae

Praetextae means: of Praetexta

Meaning of Praetextas

Praetextas means: of Praetexta

Meaning of Praetexta

Praetexta means: A white robe with a purple border, worn by a Roman boy before he was entitled to wear the toga virilis, or until about the completion of his fourteenth year, and by girls until their marriage. It was also worn by magistrates and priests.

Meaning of Praetor

Praetor means: See Pretor.

Meaning of Praetores

Praetores means: A division of butterflies including the satyrs.

Meaning of Praetorian

Praetorian means: See Pretorian.

Meaning of Praetorium

Praetorium means: See Pretorium.

Words and definitions

Meaning of Zythum

Zythum means: A kind of ancient malt beverage; a liquor made from malt and wheat.

Meaning of Zythepsary

Zythepsary means: A brewery.

Meaning of Zythem

Zythem means: See Zythum.

Meaning of Zymotic

Zymotic means: Designating, or pertaining to, a certain class of diseases. See Zymotic disease, below.

Meaning of Zymotic

Zymotic means: Of, pertaining to, or caused by, fermentation.

Meaning of Zymosis

Zymosis means: A zymotic disease.

Meaning of Zymosis

Zymosis means: A fermentation; hence, an analogous process by which an infectious disease is believed to be developed.

Meaning of Zymose

Zymose means: Invertin.

Meaning of Zymophyte

Zymophyte means: A bacteroid ferment.

Meaning of Zymosimeter

Zymosimeter means: An instrument for ascertaining the degree of fermentation occasioned by the mixture of different liquids, and the degree of heat which they acquire in fermentation.

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