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Meaning of Ragman

Ragman means: A document having many names or numerous seals, as a papal bull.

Meaning of Ragman's roll

Ragman's roll means: The rolls of deeds on parchment in which the Scottish nobility and gentry subscribed allegiance to Edward I. of England, A. D. 1296.

Meaning of Ragout

Ragout means: A dish made of pieces of meat, stewed, and highly seasoned; as, a ragout of mutton.

Meaning of Ragpicker

Ragpicker means: One who gets a living by picking up rags and refuse things in the streets.

Meaning of Raguled

Raguled means: Alt. of Ragguled

Meaning of Ragguled

Ragguled means: Notched in regular diagonal breaks; -- said of a line, or a bearing having such an edge.

Meaning of Ragweed

Ragweed means: A common American composite weed (Ambrosia artemisiaefolia) with finely divided leaves; hogweed.

Meaning of Ragwork

Ragwork means: A kind of rubblework. In the United States, any rubblework of thin and small stones.

Meaning of Ragwort

Ragwort means: A name given to several species of the composite genus Senecio.

Meaning of Raia

Raia means: A genus of rays which includes the skates. See Skate.

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Meaning of Zanyism

Zanyism means: State or character of a zany; buffoonery.

Meaning of Zany

Zany means: To mimic.

Meaning of Zany

Zany means: A merry-andrew; a buffoon.

Meaning of Zanies

Zanies means: of Zany

Meaning of Zantiot

Zantiot means: A native or inhabitant of Zante, one of the Ionian Islands.

Meaning of Zantewood

Zantewood means: Satinwood (Chloroxylon Swietenia).

Meaning of Zantewood

Zantewood means: A yellow dyewood; fustet; -- called also zante, and zante fustic. See Fustet, and the Note under Fustic.

Meaning of Zante currant

Zante currant means: A kind of seedless grape or raisin; -- so called from Zante, one of the Ionian Islands.

Meaning of Zante

Zante means: See Zantewood.

Meaning of Zandmole

Zandmole means: The sand mole.

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