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Meaning of Taenioglossa

Taenioglossa means: An extensive division of gastropod mollusks in which the odontophore is long and narrow, and usually bears seven rows of teeth. It includes a large number of families both marine and fresh-water.

Meaning of Taenioglossate

Taenioglossate means: Of or pertaining to the Taenioglossa.

Meaning of Taenioid

Taenioid means: Ribbonlike; shaped like a ribbon.

Meaning of Taenioid

Taenioid means: Like or pertaining to Taenia.

Meaning of Taenioidea

Taenioidea means: The division of cestode worms which comprises the tapeworms. See Tapeworm.

Meaning of Taeniolae

Taeniolae means: of Taeniola

Meaning of Taeniola

Taeniola means: One of the radial partitions which separate the internal cavities of certain medusae.

Meaning of Taeniosomi

Taeniosomi means: An order of fishes remarkable for their long and compressed form. The ribbon fishes are examples. See Ribbon fish, under Ribbon.

Meaning of Tafferer

Tafferer means: See Taffrail.

Meaning of Taffeta

Taffeta means: Alt. of Taffety

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Meaning of Zincic

Zincic means: Pertaining to, containing, or resembling, zinc; zincous.

Meaning of Zincane

Zincane means: Zinc chloride.

Meaning of Zinc

Zinc means: To coat with zinc; to galvanize.

Meaning of Zincing

Zincing means: of Zinc

Meaning of Zincking

Zincking means: of Zinc

Meaning of Zinced

Zinced means: of Zinc

Meaning of Zincked

Zincked means: of Zinc

Meaning of Zinc

Zinc means: An abundant element of the magnesium-cadmium group, extracted principally from the minerals zinc blende, smithsonite, calamine, and franklinite, as an easily fusible bluish white metal, which is malleable, especially when heated. It is not easily oxidized in moist air, and hence is used for sheeting, coating galvanized iron, etc. It is used in making brass, britannia, and other alloys, and is also largely consumed in electric batteries. Symbol Zn. Atomic weight 64.9.

Meaning of Ziment-water

Ziment-water means: A kind of water found in copper mines; water impregnated with copper.

Meaning of Zimb

Zimb means: A large, venomous, two-winged fly, native of Abyssinia. It is allied to the tsetse fly, and, like the latter, is destructive to cattle.

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