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Meaning of Talbot

Talbot means: A sort of dog, noted for quick scent and eager pursuit of game.

Meaning of Talbotype

Talbotype means: Same as Calotype.

Meaning of Talc

Talc means: A soft mineral of a soapy feel and a greenish, whitish, or grayish color, usually occurring in foliated masses. It is hydrous silicate of magnesia. Steatite, or soapstone, is a compact granular variety.

Meaning of Talcose

Talcose means: Alt. of Talcous

Meaning of Talcous

Talcous means: Of or pertaining to talc; composed of, or resembling, talc.

Meaning of Tale

Tale means: See Tael.

Meaning of Tale

Tale means: That which is told; an oral relation or recital; any rehearsal of what has occured; narrative; discourse; statement; history; story.

Meaning of Tale

Tale means: A number told or counted off; a reckoning by count; an enumeration; a count, in distinction from measure or weight; a number reckoned or stated.

Meaning of Tale

Tale means: A count or declaration.

Meaning of Tale

Tale means: To tell stories.

Words and definitions

Meaning of Yuck

Yuck means: To scratch.

Meaning of Yuck

Yuck means: To itch.

Meaning of Yucca

Yucca means: A genus of American liliaceous, sometimes arborescent, plants having long, pointed, and often rigid, leaves at the top of a more or less woody stem, and bearing a large panicle of showy white blossoms.

Meaning of Yucca

Yucca means: See Flicker, n., 2.

Meaning of Yu

Yu means: Jade.

Meaning of Yttro-tantalite

Yttro-tantalite means: A tantalate of uranium, yttrium, and calcium, of a brown or black color.

Meaning of Yttro-columbite

Yttro-columbite means: Alt. of Yttro-tantalite

Meaning of Yttro-cerite

Yttro-cerite means: A mineral of a violet-blue color, inclining to gray and white. It is a hydrous fluoride of cerium, yttrium, and calcium.

Meaning of Yttrium

Yttrium means: A rare metallic element of the boron-aluminium group, found in gadolinite and other rare minerals, and extracted as a dark gray powder. Symbol Y. Atomic weight, 89.

Meaning of Yttrious

Yttrious means: Same as Yttric.

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