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Meaning of Unbarricade

Unbarricade means: To unbolt; to unbar; to open.

Meaning of Unbarricadoed

Unbarricadoed means: Not obstructed by barricades; open; as, unbarricadoed streets.

Meaning of Unbashful

Unbashful means: Not bashful or modest; bold; impudent; shameless.

Meaning of Unbay

Unbay means: To free from the restraint of anything that surrounds or incloses; to let loose; to open.

Meaning of Unbe

Unbe means: To cause not to be; to cause to be another.

Meaning of Unbear

Unbear means: To remove or loose the bearing rein of (a horse).

Meaning of Unbeat

Unbeat means: To deliver from the form or nature of a beast.

Meaning of Unbecome

Unbecome means: To misbecome.

Meaning of Unbecoming

Unbecoming means: Not becoming; unsuitable; unfit; indecorous; improper.

Meaning of Unbed

Unbed means: To raise or rouse from bed.

Words and definitions

Meaning of Zoographer

Zoographer means: One who describes animals, their forms and habits.

Meaning of Zoogloea

Zoogloea means: A colony or mass of bacteria imbedded in a viscous gelatinous substance. The zoogloea is characteristic of a transitory stage through which rapidly multiplying bacteria pass in the course of their evolution. Also used adjectively.

Meaning of Zoogeographical

Zoogeographical means: Of or pertaining to zoography.

Meaning of Zoogeography

Zoogeography means: The study or description of the geographical distribution of animals.

Meaning of Zoogony

Zoogony means: The doctrine of the formation of living beings.

Meaning of Zoogeny

Zoogeny means: Alt. of Zoogony

Meaning of Zoogenic

Zoogenic means: Of or pertaining to zoogeny, animal production.

Meaning of Zoogamy

Zoogamy means: The sexual reproduction of animals.

Meaning of Zoogamous

Zoogamous means: Of or pertaining zoogamy.

Meaning of Zooerythrine

Zooerythrine means: A peculiar organic red coloring matter found in the feathers of various birds.

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