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Meaning of Vaginate

Vaginate means: Alt. of Vaginated

Meaning of Vaginated

Vaginated means: Invested with, or as if with, a sheath; as, a vaginate stem, or one invested by the tubular base of a leaf.

Meaning of Vaginati

Vaginati means: A tribe of birds comprising the sheathbills.

Meaning of Vaginervose

Vaginervose means: Having the nerves, or veins, placed in apparent disorder.

Meaning of Vaginicola

Vaginicola means: A genus of Infusoria which form minute vaselike or tubular cases in which they dwell.

Meaning of Vaginismus

Vaginismus means: A painful spasmodic contraction of the vagina, often rendering copulation impossible.

Meaning of Vaginitis

Vaginitis means: Inflammation of the vagina, or the genital canal, usually of its mucous living membrane.

Meaning of Vaginopennous

Vaginopennous means: Having elytra; sheath-winged.

Meaning of Vaginula

Vaginula means: A little sheath, as that about the base of the pedicel of most mosses.

Meaning of Vaginula

Vaginula means: One of the tubular florets in composite flowers.

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Meaning of Zoophyta

Zoophyta means: An extensive artificial and heterogeneous group of animals, formerly adopted by many zoologists. It included the c/lenterates, echinoderms, sponges, Bryozoa, Protozoa, etc.

Meaning of Zoophorous

Zoophorous means: The part between the architrave and cornice; the frieze; -- so called from the figures of animals carved upon it.

Meaning of Zoophoric

Zoophoric means: Bearing or supporting the figure of an animal; as, a zoophoric column.

Meaning of Zoophite

Zoophite means: A zoophyte.

Meaning of Zoophily

Zoophily means: Love of animals.

Meaning of Zoophilist

Zoophilist means: A lover of animals.

Meaning of Zoophagous

Zoophagous means: Feeding on animals.

Meaning of Zoophagan

Zoophagan means: A animal that feeds on animal food.

Meaning of Zoophaga

Zoophaga means: An artificial group comprising various carnivorous and insectivorous animals.

Meaning of Zoopathology

Zoopathology means: Animal pathology.

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