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Meaning of Vacillatory

Vacillatory means: Inclined to vacillate; wavering; irresolute.

Meaning of Vacuate

Vacuate means: To make void, or empty.

Meaning of Vacuation

Vacuation means: The act of emptying; evacuation.

Meaning of Vacuist

Vacuist means: One who holds the doctrine that the space between the bodies of the universe, or the molecules and atoms of matter., is a vacuum; -- opposed to plenist.

Meaning of Vacuity

Vacuity means: The quality or state of being vacuous, or not filled; emptiness; vacancy; as, vacuity of mind; vacuity of countenance.

Meaning of Vacuity

Vacuity means: Space unfilled or unoccupied, or occupied with an invisible fluid only; emptiness; void; vacuum.

Meaning of Vacuity

Vacuity means: Want of reality; inanity; nihility.

Meaning of Vacuna

Vacuna means: The goddess of rural leisure, to whom the husbandmen sacrificed at the close of the harvest. She was especially honored by the Sabines.

Meaning of Vacuolated

Vacuolated means: Full of vacuoles, or small air cavities; as, vacuolated cells.

Meaning of Vacuolation

Vacuolation means: Formation into, or multiplication of, vacuoles.

Words and definitions

Meaning of Zwanziger

Zwanziger means: An Austrian silver coin equivalent to 20 kreutzers, or about 10 cents.

Meaning of Zunyite

Zunyite means: A fluosilicate of alumina occurring in tetrahedral crystals at the Zu/i mine in Colorado.

Meaning of Zu/is

Zu/is means: A tribe of Pueblo Indians occupying a village in New Mexico, on the Zu/i River.

Meaning of Zumometer

Zumometer means: See Zymic, Zymological, etc.

Meaning of Zumology

Zumology means: Alt. of Zumometer

Meaning of Zumological

Zumological means: Alt. of Zumometer

Meaning of Zumic

Zumic means: Alt. of Zumometer

Meaning of Zumbooruk

Zumbooruk means: A small cannon supported by a swiveled rest on the back of a camel, whence it is fired, -- used in the East.

Meaning of Zulus

Zulus means: The most important tribe belonging to the Kaffir race. They inhabit a region on the southeast coast of Africa, but formerly occupied a much more extensive country. They are noted for their warlike disposition, courage, and military skill.

Meaning of Zuisin

Zuisin means: The American widgeon.

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