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Meaning of Vociferation

Vociferation means: The act of vociferating; violent outcry; vehement utterance of the voice.

Meaning of Vociferator

Vociferator means: One who vociferates, or is clamorous.

Meaning of Vociferous

Vociferous means: Making a loud outcry; clamorous; noisy; as, vociferous heralds.

Meaning of Vocule

Vocule means: A short or weak utterance; a faint or feeble sound, as that heard on separating the lips in pronouncing p or b.

Meaning of Vodanium

Vodanium means: A supposed element, afterward found to be a mixture of several metals, as copper, iron, lead, nickel, etc.

Meaning of Vodka

Vodka means: A Russian drink distilled from rye.

Meaning of Voe

Voe means: An inlet, bay, or creek; -- so called in the Orkney and Shetland Islands.

Meaning of Vogle

Vogle means: Same as Vugg.

Meaning of Vogue

Vogue means: The way or fashion of people at any particular time; temporary mode, custom, or practice; popular reception for the time; -- used now generally in the phrase in vogue.

Meaning of Vogue

Vogue means: Influence; power; sway.

Words and definitions

Meaning of Zygodactylae

Zygodactylae means: The zygodactylous birds. In a restricted sense applied to a division of birds which includes the barbets, toucans, honey guides, and other related birds.

Meaning of Zygodactyle

Zygodactyle means: Any zygodactylous bird.

Meaning of Zygodactyl

Zygodactyl means: Alt. of Zygodactyle

Meaning of Zygobranchiate

Zygobranchiate means: Of or pertaining to the Zygobranchia.

Meaning of Zygobranchia

Zygobranchia means: A division of marine gastropods in which the gills are developed on both sides of the body and the renal organs are also paired. The abalone (Haliotis) and the keyhole limpet (Fissurella) are examples.

Meaning of Zygenid

Zygenid means: Any one of numerous species of moths of the family Zygaenidae, most of which are bright colored. The wood nymph and the vine forester are examples. Also used adjectively.

Meaning of Zygapophysis

Zygapophysis means: One of the articular processes of a vertebra, of which there are usually four, two anterior and two posterior. See under Vertebra.

Meaning of Zygapophyses

Zygapophyses means: of Zygapophysis

Meaning of Zygantrum

Zygantrum means: See under Zygosphene.

Meaning of Zygantra

Zygantra means: of Zygantrum

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