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Definition of Pimping

Pimping a. means: Puny; sickly.

What is the meaning/definition of Pimping ?

Pimping a. means: Puny; sickly.

Meaning of Pimping

Pimping (a.) means: Puny; sickly.

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Pimping (p. pr. & vb. n.): of Pimp

Pimping (a.): Little; petty; pitiful.

Pimping (a.): Puny; sickly.

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Meaning of Pimping

Pimping means: Little, petty.

Meaning of Blacksmithing

Blacksmithing means: Pimping for a prostitute.

Meaning of pimp

pimp means: To flirt, try to seduce. Look at him pimping that manikin; he's smashed.

Meaning of pinch

pinch means: To capture or arrest. Look at him pimping that manikin; he's smashed.

Meaning of Timmies Joe

Timmies Joe means: A male employee of Tim Hortons. eg. "Poor bastard got a new job as a Timmies Joe pimping coffee"

Meaning of pimp

pimp means: Pimp is stylin. That shirt is pimp! Also the act of talking on a cell phone while bellied up to a bar is pimping. (ed: anyone want to add to this... please?)

Meaning of Pimping

Pimping means: of Pimp

Meaning of Pimping

Pimping means: Little; petty; pitiful.

Meaning of Pimping

Pimping means: Puny; sickly.

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Beagle means: Fig.: A spy or detective; a constable.

Meaning of Necessitarian

Necessitarian means: One who holds to the doctrine of necessitarianism.

Meaning of Overeye

Overeye means: To see; to observe.

Meaning of Physiology

Physiology means: The science which treats of the phenomena of living organisms; the study of the processes incidental to, and characteristic of, life.

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Meaning of PEN AND INKER

PEN AND INKER means: Pen and inker is London Cockney rhyming slang for stinker.

Meaning of bird

bird means: An eccentric. You never know what that old bird is going to do next.

Meaning of Snuff and Eye Jammy

Snuff and Eye Jammy means: 'Snuff' is to punch someone. 'Eye Jammy' is the resulting black eye.

Meaning of Baloney

Baloney means: nonsense!.

Meaning of fried

fried means: Drunk, intoxicated. That frenemy of Daphne's posted revealing pictures of her on the Internet.

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