Definition of Podobranchiae

Podobranchiae pl. means: of Podobranchia

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Podobranchiae pl. means: of Podobranchia

Meaning of Podobranchiae

Podobranchiae (pl.) means: of Podobranchia

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Podobranchiae (pl. ): of Podobranchia

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Meaning of Podobranchiae

Podobranchiae means: of Podobranchia

Dictionary words and meanings

Meaning of Curl

Curl means: To twist or form into ringlets; to crisp, as the hair.

Meaning of Exciteful

Exciteful means: Full of exciting qualities; as, an exciteful story; exciteful players.

Meaning of Honied

Honied means: See Honeyed.

Meaning of Manipulative

Manipulative means: Of or pertaining to manipulation; performed by manipulation.

Meaning of Steeve

Steeve means: To project upward, or make an angle with the horizon or with the line of a vessel's keel; -- said of the bowsprit, etc.

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Meaning of DO THE DIRTY

DO THE DIRTY means: Do the dirty is slang for to do something unpleasant to someone.

Meaning of loony bin

loony bin means: Insane asylum. Loan you $5? You should be locked up in a loony bin!

Meaning of IDMT

IDMT means: Abbreviation for "If Destroyed More True". An alternative to IDST, used to discourage the victim from deleting it. e.g. if I wrote 'David is gay IDST', David would cross it out to stop people reading it, but if it was IDMT, I would then say he is more gay than before., 1980s, UK(NE). Some have argued that the IDMT doesn't refer to the IDMT itself, so are careful to cross out the IDMT first, so destroy the message without it becoming more true. e.g. David is gay <-- IDMT becomes (after David sees it) David is gay which is then crossed out. This has led to long chains of IDMTs, e.g. David is gay <-- IDMT <-- IDMT <-- IDMT <-- IDMT <-- IDMT If David is determined to remove the message, he just deletes the last IDMT, then the next one, etc. This loophole can be plugged by putting the last IDMT in a non-obvious place, such as on the back of the lockers it was written on. If David crosses out the last visible IDMT, I then say he hasn't crossed the one out that was round the back, so taunt him about being extremely gay.

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Log roll means: Order of link sausages

Meaning of C-GAME

C-GAME means: cocaine

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