Definition of Secess

Secess n. means: Retirement; retreat; secession.

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Secess n. means: Retirement; retreat; secession.

Meaning of Secess

Secess (n.) means: Retirement; retreat; secession.

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Secess (n.): Retirement; retreat; secession.

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Meaning of Secess

Secess means: Retirement; retreat; secession.

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Meaning of Aggrieve

Aggrieve means: To give pain or sorrow to; to afflict; hence, to oppress or injure in one's rights; to bear heavily upon; -- now commonly used in the passive TO be aggrieved.

Meaning of Celestify

Celestify means: To make like heaven.

Meaning of Coercitive

Coercitive means: Coercive.

Meaning of Insufflation

Insufflation means: The breathing upon a person in the sacrament of baptism to symbolize the inspiration of a new spiritual life.

Meaning of Relapser

Relapser means: One who relapses.

Slang words and meanings


DOGFUCKING means: Dogfucking is slang for ventro−dorsal sexual intercourse (from behind).

Meaning of TUFT

TUFT means: Tuft is British slang for a titled Ox−Bridge undergraduate.

Meaning of vick

vick means: "Flick the vick". To stick your two fingers up at someone in an manner meant to be insulting. e.g. "I gave that maths teacher the vick this morning."'V' sign using two fingers has long been a signal of contempt. It originated during the interminable wars between the English and the French. The French were in awe of the English longbow-men. If the French managed to capture any of the bowmen, their practice was to sever the two "string" fingers of the right hand thus rendering them permanently incapable of using a bow.It thus became a symbol of contempt and derision for those English bowmen who still possessed their fingers, to wave them at the opposing side.During World War Two, Winston Churchill used it either way round, to signify "victory", and the shortened somewhat "politer" name of the action has since dropped into common useage since as "the vick", though the original expression "flick the vees" is still used in alongside the newer term.

Meaning of chuck out time

chuck out time means: When going to a bath house one pays for six to 12 hours, at the end of that time is check out time.

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