Definition of Shouted

Shouted imp. & p. p. means: of Shout

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Shouted imp. & p. p. means: of Shout

Meaning of Shouted

Shouted (imp. & p. p.) means: of Shout

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Shouted (imp. & p. p.): of Shout

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Meaning of ming-ray, ming-rayed

ming-ray, ming-rayed means: An individual is "ming-rayed" when his/her school-bag/folder is left unnattended. Once this is noticed by another individual, this person will alert others to join him, before instigating the act of "ming-ray"; whereby the contents of the bag are emptied and spread as far as possible within the general vicinity before the victim notices/moves to prevent it. When the victim does notice, the word "ming-ray" is shouted by the attackers, with prolonged emphasis on the "ray". So, on discovering the attack, a victim will hear "ming-raaaaay!" shouted from afar. , "Ming-ray" was popular at John Mason School, Abingdon, OXON, England, where it may have originated. It is believed to have spread to other local schools, notably Larkmead.

Meaning of lag anyone

lag anyone means: Question shouted when seeking a partner to play marbles.

Meaning of boyd, boyment

boyd, boyment means: Onlookers shout this when someone gets shouted at or cussed by another person.

Meaning of vainites

vainites means: Word shouted to give you protection and exclude you from attach during a game of add of british bulldog etc., Not sure of spelling.

Meaning of wanger

wanger means: Person who masturbates to excess. Mutation derived from 'wanker'. Usually shouted/spoken in comedic manner, e.g. 'wannnguuuuuuuurrr!!'

Meaning of ruggit

ruggit means: Someone a little mentally ambivalent - i.e. 'simple. Used preceded by a big Derrrrrrr (tongue in lower lip) then shouted in the imbeciles face. (Ruggits was the local 'special' school).

Meaning of Laduma! (la-do-muh)

Laduma! (la-do-muh) means: He scores! Shouted at every goal and originates from the isiZulu for "it thunders". "It's in! It's in! Laduma!"

Meaning of keg-legs

keg-legs means: Unkind name shouted at girls with "fat" calves or thighs or (more especially) calves.

Meaning of ag

ag means: Contraction of 'aggravate'. When someone was irritating, you would say 'S/He really ags me up'. Developed into a general expression of derision to be shouted at someone having any sort of bad time. Hence, if someone fell off the climbing frame head first on to the tarmac, the correct response was 'Haha! Ag!'.

Meaning of bint

bint means: Term of derision and insult shouted at at girls/women; "You daft bint" (ed: Roger took us to task for not mentioning that this word has it's origins in Arabic)

Meaning of founder

founder means: Shouted to ridicule the less intelligent members of the peer group who were entered for the 'foundation level' paper at examinations. Often the shouter would extend the last syllable, (e.g Found-eeeeerrrr) for added effect.

Meaning of Zoot

Zoot means: For something to go flailing outwards, usually shouted as like "ZOOT!"


TELLYERMUMISAVEDYERLIFE! means: If you are with a friend next to any big dangerous drop (i.e. Cliff, mountain, fire escape) then you should grab him in such a way that he thinks he is going to fall, but in reality you are holding him so he cannot. The above word is to be shouted as this 'hilarious prank' is played. (ed: I nearly killed someone doing this at a fairground once!)

Meaning of cut (to get ... )

cut (to get ... ) means: To get cut is to get extremely annoyed., Often shouted at people who are getting annoyed is "Come on, don't get cut now!" to make them more 'cut'. Used prodominently around North-Western Melbourne suburbs. f. possibly from the exporession "Mad as a cut snake", but more prob. from knife fights.

Meaning of tits

tits means: Breasts (female). Used as in "show us yer tits then!!" and "tits oot fer the lads then" shouted at any passing girls. (ed: this was in the days when sexual harrassment was a game rather than a crime).

Meaning of have a face on

have a face on means: Vrb phrs. To appear miserable, or annoyed. E.g."I didn't speak to Wendy all morning, she had a face on and I didn't want to be shouted out."

Meaning of scramble

scramble means: Shouted immediately prior to scattering of (usually somebody else's) money/packed lunch/articles of clothing/rare Panini collection was tossed skywards, thus causing a mass "bundle" as greedy classmates scrambled for the treasure... often a single penny.

Meaning of RST

RST means: Used when playing cricket (and maybe other games) in the street or playground and following a run being scored RST (pronounced Arr Ess Tee) was shouted signifying you had stopped the run or alternately made it successfully. Basically declaring a temporary time out. The contributor didn't know the origins or what it stood for. He's always wondered what the hell they meant when they said it. (ed: maybe someone can add more?) Great Site. Brought back lots of memories.

Meaning of all in, all in, captains calling

all in, all in, captains calling means: Similar to 'allee, allee' and ie used to do exactly the same thing, i.e. bring players out of hiding during 'hide and seek' for a truce, but generally shouted out by either the person doing the seeking cos they had had enough or after the first one had been caught. The captain referred to being the person doing the seeking.

Meaning of binnie

binnie means: Usually shouted as a class mate had to retrive any item that had been placed in the bin it infered that all of the items that person owend had come from out of the bin/skip or any other place for holding rubbish. To be called a binnie was an ultimate embarassement to the point where people would rather take detentions than pull completed homework out of the bin. Effect ruined by the twat of a teacher trying to impress the class with his young hip ways by shouting it as well.

Meaning of Shouted

Shouted means: of Shout

Dictionary words and meanings

Meaning of Comfort

Comfort means: To impart strength and hope to; to encourage; to relieve; to console; to cheer.

Meaning of Gherkin

Gherkin means: A kind of small, prickly cucumber, much used for pickles.

Meaning of Novelizing

Novelizing means: of Novelize

Meaning of Reproduction

Reproduction means: That which is reproduced.

Meaning of Tun

Tun means: A weight of 2,240 pounds. See Ton.

Slang words and meanings

Meaning of WRITER

WRITER means: Writer is slang for a doctor who is prepared to write prescriptions for restricted drugs in exchange for money or favours.

Meaning of grody

grody means: Dirty, grimy. Don't put those jeans on; they're all grody from fixing the drain pipe.

Meaning of la roche

la roche means: Rohypnol. See roofies

Meaning of peanut

peanut means: n. Someone whose acting like a chump or immature.  "I ain’t letting Mikie come with us to the park no more; he ain’t nothing but a peanut!" 

Meaning of John Cleese

John Cleese means: Cheese. I'm meeting the big John Cleese today at work

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