Definition of Squealed

Squealed imp. & p. p. means: of Squeal

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Squealed imp. & p. p. means: of Squeal

Meaning of Squealed

Squealed (imp. & p. p.) means: of Squeal

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Squealed (imp. & p. p.): of Squeal

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Meaning of squeeze

squeeze means: Girlfriend. He squealed on his buddies and got them in trouble.

Meaning of squeal

squeal means: To inform or tattle. He squealed on his buddies and got them in trouble.

Meaning of grass

grass means: 1 n snitch; informer. 2 v inform. Normally used in the context of criminals grassing on each other to the police, but I certainly remember being grassed up at school for going to McDonalds instead of Modern Studies. If I could remember who it was who squealed, I’d name and shame him but right at this very minute I can’t recall. 3 marijuana (universal).

Meaning of backshot

backshot means: Anal sex with a female. Used as "Did she let you backshot her?", "I gave her a backshot and she squealed like a pig all through it!"

Meaning of Squealed

Squealed means: of Squeal

Dictionary words and meanings

Meaning of Baste

Baste means: To beat with a stick; to cudgel.

Meaning of Chancery

Chancery means: In the Unites States, a court of equity; equity; proceeding in equity.

Meaning of Nudity

Nudity means: That which is nude or naked; naked part; undraped or unclothed portion; esp. (Fine Arts), the human figure represented unclothed; any representation of nakedness; -- chiefly used in the plural and in a bad sense.

Meaning of Rebutted

Rebutted means: of Rebut

Meaning of Singularity

Singularity means: The quality or state of being singular; some character or quality of a thing by which it is distinguished from all, or from most, others; peculiarity.

Slang words and meanings

Meaning of throat yogurt

throat yogurt means: Noun. Semen. Also spelt throat yoghurt.

Meaning of e-class

e-class means: n. e-class is a very nice type of Mercedes Benz.  2. n. even though an e-class is a Benz, in some circles, they'll refer to a really expensive car (i.e. Mercedes, Bently, Rolls Royce, BMW) as an e-class.  "Homie ridin' e-class." 

Meaning of chow

chow means: Food. His chops are moving constantly.

Meaning of Loo 

Loo  means: Toilet

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