Definition of Voicing

Voicing p. pr. & vb. n. means: of Voice

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Voicing p. pr. & vb. n. means: of Voice

Meaning of Voicing

Voicing (p. pr. & vb. n.) means: of Voice

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Voicing (p. pr. & vb. n.): of Voice

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Meaning of blog

blog means: Shortened version of 'weblog'. Originally the weblog was a form of online diary where people listed the things they did during the day. These were usually so boring they quickly expanded into a means of voicing opinions otherwise left unheard. Well they are *still* unheard, but at least they are 'out there' for anyone to dig up. Currently the 'blog' has expanded in use almost to an art form and there are now millions of blog sites where people who feel otherwise disenfranchised can voice their opinions. The tide seems to be beginning to turn however as more and more people realise that essentially writing to and for oneself is a less satisfactory a means of communication that they'd thought.

Meaning of rehctub

rehctub means: Word used by Australian Butchers which forms part of a vernacular system (which is used exclusively by Australian Butchers) that is known as 'rehctub'.(pronounced retch e tub) Quite simply 'rehctub' is the voicing of words backwards. (rehctub means butcher talk) It is used in general conversation whilst at work, and part of the perceived benefit is that customers will be unaware as to what is being said about them or the product which they are purchasing. Some common examples are as follows: tnuc - cunt; esra (pronounced ez ray) - arse; tsubs - bust(breats); gels - legs; ckuf (pronounced cuff) - fuck; toor - root; gaf - fag, as in a homosexual, lup - pull, as in to masturbate; ekoms - smoke, as in a cigarette. An example of few sentences may be: "Hey tnuc (cunt) did you teg (get) a toor (root) last night?", "Look at the esra (arse) on that dooger. (good, as in good looking) I'ld love to cuff (fuck) her!", "I'm just going out for an ekoms, (smoke) I might have a lup (pull) while I am at it.".

Meaning of Voicing

Voicing means: of Voice

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Meaning of Belzebuth

Belzebuth means: A spider monkey (Ateles belzebuth) of Brazil.

Meaning of Close

Close means: In a close manner.

Meaning of Explicit

Explicit means: Not implied merely, or conveyed by implication; distinctly stated; plain in language; open to the understanding; clear; not obscure or ambiguous; express; unequivocal; as, an explicit declaration.

Meaning of Rhapsody

Rhapsody means: A recitation or song of a rhapsodist; a portion of an epic poem adapted for recitation, or usually recited, at one time; hence, a division of the Iliad or the Odyssey; -- called also a book.

Meaning of Stalactoform

Stalactoform means: Like a stalactite; resembling a stalactite.

Slang words and meanings


YELL FOR HUGHIE means: Yell for Hughie is American slang for to vomit.

Meaning of kabiff

kabiff means: 1.) to hit one hard in the face with one's fist. 2.) random expletive to be used whenever some sort of personal victory has happened.. to be followed with a punching motion, as if one has 'punched' their trial in the face. Example: Mark just finished an exam of enormous difficulty and did somewhat well. Mark: KABIFF!

Meaning of Wizard

Wizard means: another word for cool, or awsome.

Meaning of CAR-SEAL HAWK

CAR-SEAL HAWK means: Railroad policeman

Meaning of poser

poser means: Someone who pretends to be important. Lefty is a port-sider that right-handed batters can't hit.

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