Definition of Wacke

Wacke n. means: Alt. of Wacky

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Wacke n. means: Alt. of Wacky

Meaning of Wacke

Wacke (n.) means: Alt. of Wacky

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Wacke (n.): Alt. of Wacky

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Meaning of Wacke

Wacke means: Alt. of Wacky

Dictionary words and meanings

Meaning of Champ

Champ means: To bite with repeated action of the teeth so as to be heard.

Meaning of Creep

Creep means: To move along the ground, or on any other surface, on the belly, as a worm or reptile; to move as a child on the hands and knees; to crawl.

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Landscapist means: A painter of landscapes.

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Rasp means: A coarse file, on which the cutting prominences are distinct points raised by the oblique stroke of a sharp punch, instead of lines raised by a chisel, as on the true file.

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Slang words and meanings

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