Definition of Youths

Youths pl. means: of Youth

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Youths pl. means: of Youth

Meaning of Youths

Youths (pl.) means: of Youth

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Youths (pl. ): of Youth

Lyceum (n.): A higher school, in Europe, which prepares youths for the university.

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Meaning of boy buster

boy buster means: Prison slang for 'confirmed seducer of youths'.

Meaning of cutiepies

cutiepies means: Nude photographic material of boys, sexually explicit videos or pictures, which depict youths men, age 18 to 24.

Meaning of cyberboy

cyberboy means: Nude photographic material of boys, sexually explicit videos or pictures, which depict youths men, age 18 to 24 on the internet.

Meaning of caillera

caillera means: youths, especially of north African descent in the suburbs who steal, burn down grocery stores (n.b.: xenophobic and offensive; verlan for racaille)

Meaning of BOVVER

BOVVER means: Bovver is British slang for rowdiness, especially that caused by gangs of teenage youths.

Meaning of Sweetback

Sweetback means: Name of Black Pimp in Melvin Van Peebles movie who kills white police and gets away with it, common aspiration of black ghetto youths

Meaning of child pornography

child pornography means: Nude photographic material of boys or girls under the legal age. In Canada and the United States, sexually explicit videos or pictures of and kind which depict youths under the age of 18, is illegal.

Meaning of peanipus

peanipus means: Insult. Supposedly refers to 'manliness' of woman, i.e. she is a quasi-hermaphrodite with a penis sticking out of her vagina. Probably began from some callow youths lack of anatomical knowledge when sighting a sexually excited clitoris.

Meaning of phone box

phone box means: n phone booth. One of those boxes with a telephone in it that used to be commonplace but are dying out somewhat now that everyone has a mobile phone. The government still erect a few to give errant youths have something to vandalise in the long winter evenings and prostitutes somewhere to advertise. Of course, they all do that via email now.

Meaning of turf

turf means: n 1. The range of the authority or influence of a person, group, or thing; a bailiwick: 2. A geographical area; a territory. 3. The area claimed by a gang, as of youths, as its personal territory. tr.v. turfed, turfing, turfs To kill.


BOVVER BOOTS means: Bovver boots is British slang for heavy boots worn by some teenage youths in Britain, and used in gang fights.

Meaning of ASBO

ASBO means: n Anti-Social Behaviour Order – a restraining order awarded to miscreants specifically barring them from doing certain naughty things again (spray-painting bridges, beating up pensioners, that sort of thing). Whilst the ASBO itself does not go on the offender’s criminal record, any breach of it does - it’s intended to be a warning shot across the bows for errant youths.

Meaning of steaming

steaming means: Adj. 1. Drunk, intoxicated with alcohol. Abb. of steaming drunk. 2. Racing, moving quickly. E.g."We were steaming up the motorway at 140." 3. Very angry. E.g."I've never seen her so angry, she was steaming."Adj./Adv. An intensifier, such as 'blinking', 'bleeding'. E.g."That steaming idiot has spent all our holiday money on a new stereo."Noun. A act of aggressive robbery, often taking place on public transport, whereby groups of youths terrorize their victims.

Meaning of mods

mods means: A group of disaffected, somewhat alienated youths who were the first obvious manifestation of the baby boomer phenomenon post WW2. This group had a relatively high level of disposable income and held the opinion that the world owed them a good time. They would dress in the latest fashions, dance to their own type of music and live life as they saw fit. In summer, they could often be seen in huge groups wearing fur trimmed parkas, and riding motor scooters (Lambrettas or Vespas usually) to the South Coast of the UK where they would repeadedly enter into violent battles along the foreshore with Rockers (Greasers) and usually winning out through sheer weight of numbers and an often almost suicidal desire to 'prove' themselves. Over time the movement lost its impetus and they can be seen to have mutated over time into the group that became the 'New Romantics'.

Meaning of charver, Chava

charver, Chava means: Used as 'He's a right little Charva'. Describes a group of youths usually described as 'townies' or 'kappa slappers' else where. Charvas typically wear things like Kappa tracksuits and Berghaus jackets, smoke Lambert and Butler cigarettes amongst other things, have hooped gold earrings, spit constantly and wear at least one gold sovereign ring (a gold band attached to the bottom of a gold sovereign coin) on each hand. Most people seem to grow out of 'charvadom' by their early twenties, although may still carry a few of the habits through to later life and will by then probably drive a souped-up XR2I, with blacked-out rear windows and a 5000 watt stereo system. Another trait common to the charva is a loud, slightly sarcastic, nasal laugh and slow 'can't really be bothered to talk' speech. Typical slang words that Charvas use are 'belta', 'mint' and 'waxa' all meaning good or great, with the prefix of 'pure' or 'total' this would mean really good (I couldn't be bothered to send seperate entries for these words, sorry). Another submission on this word goes as follows: In current usage here in Kent - primarily by teenagers as a term of abuse - as in "he's a right Chav." Describes someone who wears Reebok or Adidas trainers, gold jewellery and is likely to be a shop lifter. Girl Chavs wear big gold hoop earrings and like pop music (as opposed to rock, metal, grunge etc.) , Would be very interested to hear any feed back on this as this one word has made me feel like a very out of touch parent!! My daughter was bought an Adidas bag which she refused to use for fear of being called a "Chav". She then gave me the above description, and other teenagers I've asked have given the same with little variation. However, my husband (Kent born and bred) says when he was young the term 'Chav' was used as an affectionate term for a younger boy - certainly not as an insult as it is used now. It would appear that even those teenagers who dress as described are deeply offended by the word. (ed: both added verbatim - some feedback *would* be nice! I have the idea it is derived from an Indian/Pakistani word for 'friend' and would like to have some confirmation either way!) (ed: interesting comment from Vic) I followed a link to your site where it was explained that the expression, Charva, was a nineties thing. "Ow ya going, me old charva?" "Not bad. How's life as Cannon-fodder?" And so on. I miss him. He was a good bloke.

Meaning of Youths

Youths means: of Youth

Meaning of Lyceum

Lyceum means: A higher school, in Europe, which prepares youths for the university.

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Meaning of Amygdalate

Amygdalate means: A salt amygdalic acid.

Meaning of Ariel gazelle

Ariel gazelle means: A beautiful Brazilian toucan Ramphastos ariel).

Meaning of Astonishing

Astonishing means: Very wonderful; of a nature to excite astonishment; as, an astonishing event.

Meaning of Capillarity

Capillarity means: The quality or condition of being capillary.

Meaning of Untrue

Untrue means: Not true; false; contrary to the fact; as, the story is untrue.

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Meaning of give a monkey

give a monkey means: Vrb phrs. To care, to be concerned with. Usually heard in the negative sense in not give a monkey, to not care.

Meaning of cheese-balled

cheese-balled means: To be under a great deal of stress. I was pretty cheese-balled over final exams.

Meaning of nads, nadgers

nads, nadgers means: Testicles - abbr. of Gonads.

Meaning of ampered

ampered means: infected, purulent

Meaning of loco

loco means: crazy, insane

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