Definition of Zoa

Zoa pl. means: of Zoon

What is the meaning/definition of Zoa ?

Zoa pl. means: of Zoon

Meaning of Zoa

Zoa (pl.) means: of Zoon

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Dictionary words and meanings

Meaning of Hesitatory

Hesitatory means: Hesitating.

Meaning of Impaneled

Impaneled means: of Impanel

Meaning of Palliation

Palliation means: That which cloaks or covers; disguise; also, the state of being covered or disguised.

Meaning of Pikelin

Pikelin means: A light, thin cake or muffin.

Meaning of Saddle

Saddle means: The threshold of a door, when a separate piece from the floor or landing; -- so called because it spans and covers the joint between two floors.

Slang words and meanings

Meaning of KID'S STUFF

KID'S STUFF means: Kid's stuff is slang for something considered fit only for children.


PORCELAIN PROJECTILES means: Porcelain projectiles is American slang for to vomit

Meaning of Doe

Doe means: Dead On Arrival.

Meaning of Tie To

Tie To means: Rely on. "He's a man you can tie to."

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