Definition of Communication

Communication n. means: Participation in the Lord's supper.

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Communication n. means: Participation in the Lord's supper.

Meaning of Communication

Communication (n.) means: Participation in the Lord's supper.

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Communication (n.): The act or fact of communicating; as, communication of smallpox; communication of a secret.

Organ (n.): A medium of communication between one person or body and another; as, the secretary of state is the organ of communication between the government and a foreign power; a newspaper is the organ of its editor, or of a party, sect, etc.

Communication (n.): Association; company.

Intercommunication (n.): Mutual communication.

Communication (n.): Participation in the Lord's supper.

Mercurism (n.): A communication of news; an announcement.

Conduit (n.): A narrow passage for private communication.

Breathing (n.): Utterance; communication or publicity by words.

Intercommune (v. i.): To have mutual communication or intercourse by conservation.

Thurl (n.): A short communication between adits in a mine.

Note (n.): A diplomatic missive or written communication.

Private (n.): A secret message; a personal unofficial communication.

Intercommunicate (v. i.): To communicate mutually; to hold mutual communication.

Unreserve (n.): Absence of reverse; frankness; freedom of communication.

Intercept (v. t.): To interrupt communication with, or progress toward; to cut off, as the destination; to blockade.

Infection (n.): Sympathetic communication of like qualities or emotions; influence.

Illumination (v. t.): The special communication of knowledge to the mind by God; inspiration.

See (v. t.): To fall in with; to have intercourse or communication with; hence, to have knowledge or experience of; as, to see military service.

Communication (n.): A trope, by which a speaker assumes that his hearer is a partner in his sentiments, and says we, instead of I or you.

Traditive (a.): Transmitted or transmissible from father to son, or from age, by oral communication; traditional.

Word (n.): Account; tidings; message; communication; information; -- used only in the singular.

Ramp (n.): An inclined plane serving as a communication between different interior levels.

Talebearing (n.): The act of informing officiously; communication of sectrts, scandal, etc., maliciously.

Message (n.): Any notice, word, or communication, written or verbal, sent from one person to another.

Artery (n.): Hence: Any continuous or ramified channel of communication; as, arteries of trade or commerce.

Communication (n.): That which is communicated or imparted; intelligence; news; a verbal or written message.

Boyau (n.): A winding or zigzag trench forming a path or communication from one siegework to another, to a magazine, etc.

Hear (v. i.): To be informed by oral communication; to be told; to receive information by report or by letter.

Insulate (v. t.): To place in a detached situation, or in a state having no communication with surrounding objects; to isolate; to separate.

Seance (n.): A session, as of some public body; especially, a meeting of spiritualists to receive spirit communication, so called.

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Meaning of Pennant

Pennant means: A small tapering flag, which can be used for identification or communication.

Meaning of PRC-77

PRC-77 means: radio, similar to PRC-25 but incorporated an encryption feature for secure communication.

Meaning of Radio Operator

Radio Operator means: An officer who operates and controls the shipboard communication equipment.

Meaning of Bat Decoder

Bat Decoder means: A sheet of paper carried on all fight operations that is the key to current airborne communication codes.

Meaning of Radhaz

Radhaz means: Radio hazard. A term seen on signage applied to radar masts and communication antennas to warn sailors of potential radiation hazards.


VIBRATIONS means: Vibrations is slang for instinctive feelings supposedly influencing human communication.

Meaning of Skiff

Skiff means: A small sea-going boat that could have sails or be rowed. Often belonging to a larger ship and used for purposes of communication, transport, towing, etc. Hence, a small light boat of any kind. (as early as 1575)

Meaning of snail mail

snail mail means: The original 'old fashioned' means of communicating before the internet took over. It involves making a hard copy of the communication, inserting it into a package (often referred to as an envelope) and paying someone to convey it to its destination. The organisation usually entrusted with this conveyance is known as a 'Post Office'. The name derives from the lack of speed in delivery.

Meaning of Morse Code

Morse Code means: A method of transmitting text information through a language of long and short tones. At one time, morse code was the main method of communication between naval ships and the shore.

Meaning of bluetooth

bluetooth means: A means of using low frequency radio signals to produce a wireless technology. Its purpose is to eliminate cables between the burgeoning digital devices one is compelled to carry with one, for example the PDA and the mobile telephone. Bluetooth hopes to become the standard for all this type of short range wireless communication.

Meaning of keep dog

keep dog means: Keep lookout, guard dog. When a group realise an unforeseen opportunity of theft and it there is sufficient reason to believe the proprietor, teacher, dinner lady is nearby. The lesser-experienced member is nominated to keep dog. Unfortunately inexperience is highlighted in the breakdown of communication between keep dog and the perpetrators. Normally ending in a panicked getaway. Often dog is caught, being the last person leaving the scene. This is due to inexperience and holding the responsibility to inform every member as danger nears.

Meaning of blog

blog means: Shortened version of 'weblog'. Originally the weblog was a form of online diary where people listed the things they did during the day. These were usually so boring they quickly expanded into a means of voicing opinions otherwise left unheard. Well they are *still* unheard, but at least they are 'out there' for anyone to dig up. Currently the 'blog' has expanded in use almost to an art form and there are now millions of blog sites where people who feel otherwise disenfranchised can voice their opinions. The tide seems to be beginning to turn however as more and more people realise that essentially writing to and for oneself is a less satisfactory a means of communication that they'd thought.

Meaning of The Law Offices of Fountain & Hattersley

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Meaning of Double Oak Construction

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Meaning of San Diego Divorce Attorney

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Meaning of wedgie (1)

wedgie (1) means: Humiliation where the undepants are pulled sharply upwards from behind, causing them to wedge themselves tightly up the victim's arse. Variations: • Pure wedgie: The victim is only wearing underpants when the attack occurs, thus inflicting a much greater amount of embarrassment than normal. • Super wedgie: Pure wedgie but with the assailant then grabbing the crotch of the victim's underpants (from behind as it is exposed) and continuing to pull, resulting in the victim's genitals being revealed. (This is particularly embarrassing if the victim is not quite flaccid.) • Wedgie war: All-against-all with lots of ganging up, normally in a swimming pool. A good attack is considered to be when the victim is lifted out of the water by his swimming togs to at least his knees. (Note that this activity can be very deleterious to the well-being of swimming togs.) • Wedgie-proof: The victim's underpants are so stretchy that the wedgie doesn't hurt, or they are wearing Speedos, which tend to just stretch instead of heading painfully for the buttcrack. Can refer to the person or the apparel. Atomic Wedgie: Trying to get the victims pants over their head. Wedgies of the atomic variety tend to be a grey area, and are difficult to define. The childrens' cartoons of recent times tend to define "atomic wedgie" as a wedgie where the underpants are then pulled up to such an extend where the elastic band could then be put around the victim's head. This, of course, is pure bullshit, and cannot occur in the real world (unless, of course, the victim's underpants are made of that magical, NON-existing elastic). But this perhaps is the originator of the real-life atomic wedgie. In attempt to achive a around-the-head-with-the-elastic-band state, one will pull the underpants of the victim to the point of ripping either the elastic band or the fabric of the underpants. Though some will argue that cartoons has nothing to do with this term, and that atomic wedgies have no intention of going around the head, but just to rip the underpants. Either way, I'm sure it sucks to get one of these. I like how I take the term "atomic wedgie" in an entirely serious manner. We received the following communication from Andrew Jordan: "I feel duty-bound to point out that you refer to the forceful pulling of pants up into an arse-crack as a 'wedgie' - as a purist, I think you should also include the UK term for the 'wedgie', namely the 'Johnny Clegg' or to 'Clegg' someone. You must have heard that? (ed: err... no... sorry!)

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Meaning of Communication

Communication means: The act or fact of communicating; as, communication of smallpox; communication of a secret.

Meaning of Organ

Organ means: A medium of communication between one person or body and another; as, the secretary of state is the organ of communication between the government and a foreign power; a newspaper is the organ of its editor, or of a party, sect, etc.

Meaning of Communication

Communication means: Association; company.

Meaning of Intercommunication

Intercommunication means: Mutual communication.

Meaning of Communication

Communication means: Participation in the Lord's supper.

Meaning of Mercurism

Mercurism means: A communication of news; an announcement.

Meaning of Conduit

Conduit means: A narrow passage for private communication.

Meaning of Breathing

Breathing means: Utterance; communication or publicity by words.

Meaning of Intercommune

Intercommune means: To have mutual communication or intercourse by conservation.

Meaning of Thurl

Thurl means: A short communication between adits in a mine.

Meaning of Note

Note means: A diplomatic missive or written communication.

Meaning of Private

Private means: A secret message; a personal unofficial communication.

Meaning of Intercommunicate

Intercommunicate means: To communicate mutually; to hold mutual communication.

Meaning of Unreserve

Unreserve means: Absence of reverse; frankness; freedom of communication.

Meaning of Intercept

Intercept means: To interrupt communication with, or progress toward; to cut off, as the destination; to blockade.

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Meaning of Acadian

Acadian means: Of or pertaining to Acadie, or Nova Scotia.

Meaning of Dihedral

Dihedral means: Having two plane faces; as, the dihedral summit of a crystal.

Meaning of Foreknow

Foreknow means: To have previous knowledge of; to know beforehand.

Meaning of Kra

Kra means: A long-tailed ape (Macacus cynomolgus) of India and Sumatra. It is reddish olive, spotted with black, and has a black tail.

Meaning of Plateful

Plateful means: Enough to fill a plate; as much as a plate will hold.

Slang words and meanings

Meaning of DIVING

DIVING means: Diving is American slang for picking pockets.

Meaning of Get a Wiggle On

Get a Wiggle On means: Hurry.

Meaning of Blackleg

Blackleg means:   A person who will work, contrary to a strike.  In the Colonies they are called Scabs.

Meaning of Roller

Roller means:     A thief who robs drunks or a prostitute who steals from  her clientele.

Meaning of townie

townie means: Permanent resident of a college town. That guy over there isn't doing much for town-gown relations.

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