Definition of Alcoholometrical

Alcoholometrical a. means: Alt. of Alcoholmetrical

What is the meaning/definition of Alcoholometrical ?

Alcoholometrical a. means: Alt. of Alcoholmetrical

Meaning of Alcoholometrical

Alcoholometrical (a.) means: Alt. of Alcoholmetrical

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Alcoholometrical (a.): Alt. of Alcoholmetrical

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Meaning of Alcoholometrical

Alcoholometrical means: Alt. of Alcoholmetrical

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Dictionary words and meanings

Meaning of Alcoholometer

Alcoholometer means: Alt. of Alcoholmeter

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Filtrate means: That which has been filtered; the liquid which has passed through the filter in the process of filtration.

Meaning of Start

Start means: The act of starting; a sudden spring, leap, or motion, caused by surprise, fear, pain, or the like; any sudden motion, or beginning of motion.

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Telegraph means: An apparatus, or a process, for communicating intelligence rapidly between distant points, especially by means of preconcerted visible or audible signals representing words or ideas, or by means of words and signs, transmitted by electrical action.

Meaning of Viticulose

Viticulose means: Having long and slender trailing stems.

Slang words and meanings

Meaning of PIG OUT

PIG OUT means: Pig out is British slang for to eat to excess.

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Cougar means: An older woman trying to attract a younger man. (That cougar was flirting with me) Also a Mountain Lion

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WOG means: Wise Old Guy

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pickled means: Drunk, intoxicated. He gets pickled after only one beer.

Meaning of STICK UP KID

STICK UP KID means: Robber, thief, a person who shows up to a jam/ party to hang out and scope out who they want to rob, and then wait for them to leave, and stick them up.

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