Definition of Disbase

Disbase v. t. means: To debase or degrade.

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Disbase v. t. means: To debase or degrade.

Meaning of Disbase

Disbase (v. t.) means: To debase or degrade.

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Disbase (v. t.): To debase or degrade.

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Meaning of Disbase

Disbase means: To debase or degrade.

Dictionary words and meanings

Meaning of Chastise

Chastise means: To inflict pain upon, by means of stripes, or in any other manner, for the purpose of punishment or reformation; to punish, as with stripes.

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Corallinite means: A fossil coralline.

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Crapulent means: Alt. of Crapulous

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puff-puff pass means: v. a procedure that people do when smoking marijuana; basically consisting of taking two inhales of the weed (puff-puff) then passing it on to the next person. This term was made famous by Chris Tucker in the film Fridays with Ice Cube.  "We all put five on this stanky-dank, so stick with the rules: PUFF-PUFF PASS!" 

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Vice Versa means: The first lesbians magazine produce by Lisa Ben. Beginning in June of 1947, she produced nine editions with only ten copies of each edition.

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