Definition of Displeasure

Displeasure n. means: That which displeases; cause of irritation or annoyance; offense; injury.

What is the meaning/definition of Displeasure ?

Displeasure n. means: That which displeases; cause of irritation or annoyance; offense; injury.

Meaning of Displeasure

Displeasure (n.) means: That which displeases; cause of irritation or annoyance; offense; injury.

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Displeasedness (n.): Displeasure.

Displeasedly (adv.): With displeasure.

Displeasure (v. t.): To displease.

Dudgeon (n.): Resentment; ill will; anger; displeasure.

Displease (v. i.): To give displeasure or offense.

Displeasance (n.): Displeasure; discontent; annoyance.

Mumps (n.): Sullenness; silent displeasure; the sulks.

Distaste (n.): Alienation of affection; displeasure; anger.

Fear (n.): To have a reverential awe of; to solicitous to avoid the displeasure of.

Displeasure (n.): That which displeases; cause of irritation or annoyance; offense; injury.

Displeasing (a.): Causing displeasure or dissatisfaction; offensive; disagreeable.

Displacency (n.): Want of complacency or gratification; envious displeasure; dislike.

Offence (n.): The state of being offended or displeased; anger; displeasure.

Pout (v. i.): To thrust out the lips, as in sullenness or displeasure; hence, to look sullen.

Resent (v. t.): To express or exhibit displeasure or indignation at, as by words or acts.

Snuff (n.): Resentment, displeasure, or contempt, expressed by a snuffing of the nose.

Frounce (v. i.): To form wrinkles in the forehead; to manifest displeasure; to frown.

Frown (n.): A wrinkling of the face in displeasure, rebuke, etc.; a sour, severe, or stere look; a scowl.

Squeal (v. i.): To cry with a sharp, shrill, prolonged sound, as certain animals do, indicating want, displeasure, or pain.

Chide (v. i.): To utter words of disapprobation and displeasure; to find fault; to contend angrily.

Frown (v. i.): To contract the brow in displeasure, severity, or sternness; to scowl; to put on a stern, grim, or surly look.

Resentment (n.): In a bad sense, strong displeasure; anger; hostility provoked by a wrong or injury experienced.

Nettle (v. t.): To fret or sting; to irritate or vex; to cause to experience sensations of displeasure or uneasiness not amounting to violent anger.

Frown (v. i.): To manifest displeasure or disapprobation; to look with disfavor or threateningly; to lower; as, polite society frowns upon rudeness.

Scowl (n.): The wrinkling of the brows or face in frowing; the expression of displeasure, sullenness, or discontent in the countenance; an angry frown.

Scotale (n.): The keeping of an alehouse by an officer of a forest, and drawing people to spend their money for liquor, for fear of his displeasure.

Irritate (v. t.): To excite anger or displeasure in; to provoke; to tease; to exasperate; to annoy; to vex; as, the insolence of a tyrant irritates his subjects.

Dislike (n.): A feeling of positive and usually permanent aversion to something unpleasant, uncongenial, or offensive; disapprobation; repugnance; displeasure; disfavor; -- the opposite of liking or fondness.

Scowl (v. i.): To wrinkle the brows, as in frowning or displeasure; to put on a frowning look; to look sour, sullen, severe, or angry.

Smother (v. t.): Hence, to repress the action of; to cover from public view; to suppress; to conceal; as, to smother one's displeasure.

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Meaning of au dam de

au dam de means: to the detriment of; to the displeasure of

Meaning of au grand dam de

au grand dam de means: to the detriment of; to the displeasure of

Meaning of To Look Blue At Someone

To Look Blue At Someone means: To look at one with displeasure or dissatisfaction.

Meaning of UOK

UOK means: An exclamation of disgust, displeasure or disapproval.

Meaning of d'oh

d'oh means: Expression of displeasure after an unfortunate event. Popularised by Homer from the Simpsons.

Meaning of Stone the crows

Stone the crows means: Astonished, bewildered or surprised. 2. Displeasure, annoyance or irritation. 3. See below "Struth"

Meaning of Tarnation

Tarnation means: Etymology: alteration of darnation, euphemism for damnationDate: 1790Used to indicate surprise, shock, displeasure, or censure.

Meaning of sod

sod means: 1 n, v, adj generic word signifying displeasure. Attached to any word or phrase it has the immediate effect of making it derogatory. Sod off get lost. sod you bite me. sod it damn it; forget it. old sod old git, etc, etc. Use at will - it has a friendly tone to it and is unlikely to get you into trouble. 2 n a lump of turf (universal).

Meaning of sausage party

sausage party means: Gathering with many more males than females. Connotes displeasure; "Let's take off, this is just a sausage party."

Meaning of turn

turn means: v To perform (an act of prostitution): turning tricks. Phrasal Verbs:turn off 1. To affect with dislike, displeasure, or revulsion: That song really turns me off. 2. To affect with boredom: The play turned the audience off. 3. To lose or cause to lose interest; withdraw: turning off to materialism. 4. To cease paying attention to: The student turned off the boring lecture and daydreamed.turn on 1. To take or cause to take a mind-altering drug, especially for the first time. 2. To be or cause to become interested, pleasurably excited, or stimulated. Often used with to : My uncle turned me on to jazz. 3. To excite or become excited sexually.

Meaning of fuck

fuck means: v. fucked, fucking, fucks 1. To have sexual intercourse with. 2. To take advantage of, betray, or cheat; victimize. 3. Used in the imperative as a signal of angry dismissal. v. intr. 1. To engage in sexual intercourse. 2. To act wastefully or foolishly. 3. To interfere; meddle. Often used with with. n. 1. An act of sexual intercourse. 2. A partner in sexual intercourse. 3. A despised person. 4. Used as an intensive What the fuck did you do that for? interj. Used to express extreme displeasure.Phrasal Verbs:fuck off 1. Used in the imperative as a signal of angry dismissal. 2. To spend time idly. 3. To masturbate.fuck over To treat unfairly; take advantage of.fuck up 1. To make a mistake; bungle something. 2. To act carelessly, foolishly, or incorrectly. 3. To cause to be intoxicated.

Meaning of Twink code

Twink code means: Aa code to identify the different types of Twinkie. (ed: This list copied from '' July 2005 - Note: date of creation unknown, Note: formatting not 100% perfect) TwinkCode v1.10alpha This is *not* the new and approved twink code (at least, not yet, but I'm hoping). It applies some major changes/additions to v1.00. These changes will be identified by a new material triangle ____ \\// New material \/ *** new material here /\ //\\ end new material changed material will also be marked, with smaller triangles __ \/ changed I hope this makes review and comment easier. TwinkCode v1.10 ____ \\// New material \/ Some people out here aren't satisfied with BearCode or SmurfCode. It doesn't speak to us. We're twinks, and damn proud of it. While bears live for hair and smurfs for humor, a twink lives for style. As such, style factors are the major way of recognizing a twink. Unlike bears and smurfs, a twink's style can't be rated by degree--to be a twink, one must have a good sense of style. The ideal twink knows what he can't wear, and how to wear what he can. The clothes make the twink. Clothing is not exclusively the determining factor in a twink, though. The twink's crowning glory is his hair. Long or short, straight or wavy, it must be perfect. Hell is a lifetime of bad hair. The main Twink identifier is a 4 part code comprised of: T - Type of twink C - Color of Hair L - Length of Hair(and whether it's (s)traight, (w)avy, or (c)urly) T - Type of twink 1 - BeachTwink: The beach twink is often a sun- bleached blonde, well tanned, and well defined. Sub-genres of beach twink are the VBall Twink and SurferTwink. 2 - NuevoWest Twink: The old west was never quite like this. Colorful, sharp, and not nearly weathered enough, if cowboys were fashion slaves,they'd look like this. 3 - Street Twink: Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch have nothing on this twink. Urban fashion, be it rap or grunge, is raised to an art form by this delicious one. 4 - The All-American Twink: Remember that quarterback you could never have in high school? This *is* him. Athletic, active, it's amazing how his hair stays in place. 5 - EuroTwink: Think of Armani suits. Think of Italian convertibles. The finest European designers would love to have him on the runway. 6 - The Twink Next Door: The boy next door never looked this good (well, mine never did). A suburban sensibility becomes a showcase for a gorgeous young guy. 7 - RadicalTwink: This twink marches to the beat of a different drummer. Possessing a style, while not necessarily unique, but definitely uncommon, this twink will go out on a limb to grab your attention. 8 - GymTwink: The GymTwink may attempt any of the above styles (and pull them off successfully) but it's always that drop-dead-gorgeous bod that's overshadowing everything else. Even in sack cloth (we're talking *really* radical 7 here) he'd look incredible. GymTwinks should include what style they're attempting in their code (i.e. T8(5)) /\ //\\ end new material *** comments: Perhaps 3 should be broken into grunge and rap Twinks come in all hair colors, natural and unnatural. C - Color of Hair 0 - black (raven) 1 - dark brown 2 - brown 3 - light brown 4 - auburn 5 - dark red 6 - bright red 7 - strawberry blonde 8 - Blonde. Most of the hair on his body is blonde. 9 - Totally Blonde. Every strand of hair on his body(by definition must be natural). X - Other (purple, blue, etc...) If hair color is assisted, it should list the original color in parentheses i.e. CX(7)). ____ \\// New material \/ Hair length is important too. Some of us like long hair, some of us like short hair, some of us like any hair at all as long as it looks good. L - Length of Hair 0 - Shaved/bald 1 - verrrrry short, buzzed 2 - short enough for a banker, suitable for business 3 - medium length, barely over collar 4 - shoulder length 5 - part-way down the back 6 - *really* long, like down to his butt The last modifier is waviness of hair, and is designated by letter. (s)traight (w)avy (c)urly Therefore, I am (using this code system) a: T7C2L2s /\ //\\ end new material *** comment: I don't think this is too complicated for twinks. If there's anything a twink can concentrate on, it's style.end comments Having covered the major points of description, it's time to get down to the sordid details. How sordid? You be the judge h - the 'hairlessness' factor (opposite of NBCS "f") refers to body hair. h++ SMOOTH body - virtually no hair h+ little hair h some hair (none) average body hair h- above average body hair h-- veritable furball (almost a bear) (h) can be further refined to cover specific body areas: hc - chest hb - butt hl - legs hs - shins (part of leg below knee) __ \/ changed These can be used specifically, or to identify an area which differs from the rest of the body. Therefore, if you're smooth, except for your legs, you could list h++(hl-). If your hairlesness is a result of shaving or depilatories, you should list the original state in parentheses, i.e. h(--)++. *** comments: only minor changes here - end comments ____ \\// New material \/ d - Dizzy factor. How much of an airhead is he? d++ Head in the clouds (or at least somebody's shorts) d+ present mentally only on special occasions d not totally dizzy, but noticeably so (none) sometimes dizzy, about average d- rarely dizzy d-- never dizzy, even shows common sense sometimes /\ //\\ end new material a - attitude a++ attitude from hell; has enough for 20 a+ above average a has attitude and knows how to use it (none) attitude at times a- mostly unpretentious a-- no attitude, what you see is what you get. w - the WHINE factor w++ Will scream "I'm BOOOORRRRRRED" while you're still home and just getting dressed w+ Will state "I'm boooorrrrrred" immediately upon arrival at destination w Will whine, even when not needed (none) Lets his displeasure be known when appropriate w- Usually silent, but a peep may be heard every now and then w-- Strong, silent type c - color of crust (tan) c++ dark brown c+ a nice golden brown c the twink has a tan (none) doesn't get out much c- fair skin c-- looks like a ghost *** comments: a, w, and c all taken as read - end comments. __ \/ changed y - youthful appearance y++ looks like teen spirit y+ still gets carded most every time he buys liquor y twentysomething (none) looks like he has been out of college for a while y- looks like somebody's dad y-- looks like somebody's grandfather *** comments: minor changes per yesterday's discussion with Matt = end comments e - endowment (for the size queens amongst us) e++ 8"+ e+ 6.5" - 8" e 5.5" - 6.5" (none) neutral e- do you really want to let people know? e-- you may not have much but you have guts g - gonads (balls) g++ huge and bursting with cream g+ large and cream filled g above average (none) has two g- do you really want to let people know? g-- you may not have much but you have guts *** comments: I don't see the point of g, and recommend it's removal. If you care one way or another, post your comments *and*why* to the net for discussion - end comments. f - flavor of cream f++ very sweet, almost sickly, could be interchanged with filling of actual Hostess Twinkie (tm) f+ sweet f pleasant (none) unremarkable f- slightly bitter f-- grapefruits taste better *** comments: Taken as read. Personally, tho, I like grapefruit. If you'd like to learn to appreciate bitter, try Campari. Besides, if pineapple can sweeten the taste of your skin, it should be able to improve the taste of your jizz. Do we want to keep this one? - end comments. __ \/ changed t - twink hawk t++ searches out twinks when ever possible. t+ really likes twinkies t would like to meet a twinkie (none) not a twink hawk t- doesn't care for twinkies t-- is offended by them (why are you even here?) t++, t+, and t people should list the style types they're attracted to, i.e. t++(4,5,6,7) *** comments: minor addition per discussion with Matt - end comments. k - "the KINKY factor"... for those who dare. k++ Will try anything once, usually twice... k+ pretty adventurous, but moderated k will consider trying new things (none) kinky neutral k- has definite ABSOLUTE dislikes k-- totally vanilla s - "SEX (ok, SLUT) factor s++ strictly polygamous, prefers very open relationships ONLY. s+ will form relationships which are generally open-ended s neutral wrt to relationships/monogamy. (none) relationship neutral s- relationship oriented. Prefers a formal sort of relationship over playing around, however the scope of the word relationship is not defined here. s-- strictly monogamous/relationship oriented. No outside affairs, or in some cases, sex ONLY in relationships *** comments: k and s taken directly from NBCS, minor wording changes - end comments. ____ \\// New material \/ m - the Muscle factor, divided into definition and mass m1 - muscle definition. m1++ chiseled from marble m1+ chiseled from oak m1 chiseled from basswood (but still chiseled) (none) neutral m1- chiseled from marshmallow m2 - muscle mass m2++ serious meat on them bones m2+ more muscular than the average joe m2 small muscles, but they're definitely there (none) neutral m2- well, if you *really* look hard... m2-- wishful thinking will only get you so far /\ //\\ end new material *** comments: Changes per discussion with Matt. - end comments __ \/ changed q - "the Q factor" (defined) q++ more effeminate than Donna Reed, Florence Henderson, and RuPaul combined q+ swishes so much they sway q is a queen (none) invisible q- "straight-acting" q-- probably should BE straight ***comments: mostly taken as read, added the none - end comments. ADDITIONAL PUNCTUATION The following aren't graded, they are just flags attached to the overall classification: v for variable, said trait is not very rigid, may change with time or with individual interaction ? for traits where there is no HARD information available and the value is completely guessed : for traits which are observed but uncertain, e.g. a twink who is wearing a lot of clothes, so you can't be SURE he's an h+, but his forearms REALLY suggest that he is, hence h+ ! for cases where the trait is as close to a prototype as possible, or an exemplary case of a specific trait... e.g. the ultimate h++! () for indicating "cross-overs" or ranges. A twink who goes from k to k++ depending on the situation (i.e. mostly "k") could use k(++) You can make the punctuation as detailed as desired, although the best ones to read are the ones which are the most clear and simple to understand. v1.00 draft by... Kirk Johanning [email protected] v1.10 updated by... Andy Trembley [email protected] — As always, I'm... Andy Trembley [email protected] S7 b g l- y(-) z n+ o+(+) x a++-- u-(++) j++ B3 t++ w- g k+ s- r- p ------------------------ From the Archives of Rev. Ted ----------------------- "I'm a man. I like looking at men. Does that make me a sexist?"

Meaning of Displeasedness

Displeasedness means: Displeasure.

Meaning of Displeasedly

Displeasedly means: With displeasure.

Meaning of Displeasure

Displeasure means: To displease.

Meaning of Dudgeon

Dudgeon means: Resentment; ill will; anger; displeasure.

Meaning of Displease

Displease means: To give displeasure or offense.

Meaning of Displeasance

Displeasance means: Displeasure; discontent; annoyance.

Meaning of Mumps

Mumps means: Sullenness; silent displeasure; the sulks.

Meaning of Distaste

Distaste means: Alienation of affection; displeasure; anger.

Meaning of Fear

Fear means: To have a reverential awe of; to solicitous to avoid the displeasure of.

Meaning of Displeasure

Displeasure means: That which displeases; cause of irritation or annoyance; offense; injury.

Meaning of Displeasing

Displeasing means: Causing displeasure or dissatisfaction; offensive; disagreeable.

Meaning of Displacency

Displacency means: Want of complacency or gratification; envious displeasure; dislike.

Meaning of Offence

Offence means: The state of being offended or displeased; anger; displeasure.

Meaning of Pout

Pout means: To thrust out the lips, as in sullenness or displeasure; hence, to look sullen.

Meaning of Resent

Resent means: To express or exhibit displeasure or indignation at, as by words or acts.

Dictionary words and meanings

Meaning of Anaesthetize

Anaesthetize means: To render insensible by an anaesthetic.

Meaning of Anguineal

Anguineal means: Anguineous.

Meaning of Rarification

Rarification means: See Rarefaction.

Meaning of Reading

Reading means: Addicted to reading; as, a reading community.

Meaning of Supersensible

Supersensible means: Beyond the reach of the senses; above the natural powers of perception.

Slang words and meanings

Meaning of BAKED BEAN

BAKED BEAN means: Baked bean is London Cockney rhyming slang for queen.

Meaning of straight floungin

straight floungin means: Acting normally according to by social circumstances. For example "I'm straight floungin to the mall", means "I'm chillin at the mall" or "hangin out".

Meaning of stretch some jeans

stretch some jeans means: To do the sex act.

Meaning of Cash

Cash means: a kiss.

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