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Definition of Encouraged

Encouraged imp. & p. p. means: of Encourage

What is the meaning/definition of Encouraged ?

Encouraged imp. & p. p. means: of Encourage

Meaning of Encouraged

Encouraged (imp. & p. p.) means: of Encourage

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Encouraged (imp. & p. p.): of Encourage

Unbacked (a.): Not supported or encouraged; not countenanced; unaided.

Promottion (n.): The act of promoting, advancing, or encouraging; the act of exalting in rank or honor; also, the condition of being advanced, encouraged, or exalted in honor; preferment.

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Meaning of gassed up

gassed up means: v. To be hyped up and encouraged to think more of one's self than needed; to be pumped up provoking arrogance and cockyness.  "Aye, Jay's new girl gots him gassed up, like he's ish or something." 

Meaning of smeg

smeg means: Exclamation of surprise or disappointment f. contraction of "smegma" (a white secretion of the sebaceous glands of the foreskin). Current useage encouraged by "Lister" (Craig Charles) from the T.V series Red Dwarf who used it and the associated expression "You smeg-head!", and used in many a playground since. Often used insted of the word "fuck" when teachers were around. Also used as substitute for minging, i.e. unclean.

Meaning of pecker

pecker means: n penis. A common misconception is that, to Brits, this means “chin” - hence the phrase “keep your pecker up.” Sorry folks, but in the U.K. “pecker” means exactly the same thing as it does in the U.S. The phrase “keep your pecker up” is probably derived from a time when a “pecker” was simply a reference to a bird’s beak and encouraged keeping your head held high. I understand that the word became a euphemism for “penis” after the poet Catullus used it to refer to his love Lesbia’s pet sparrow in a rather suggestive poem which drew some fairly blatant parallels.

Meaning of Whistling

Whistling means: Whistling in a warship has always been strongly discouraged and as late as 1910 was a punishable offence in Training Establishments. The reason is fairly obvious - in the old days not only were all orders passed by means of a bosun's pipe (or whistle) and so whistling could lead to confusion, but also was a superstition that whistling brought wind which was not always welcome. Even nowadays, when becalmed in a sailing boat, an old sailor will stick his knife in the mast and whistle "for the wind". There was one occasion when whistling was allowed, even encouraged: custom ruled that a cook of the mess should whistle when stoning raisins or prunes when preparing a pudding, etc., to show that he was not eating them, but with the disappearance of cooks-of-the-mess, this too has lapsed.

Meaning of Encouraged

Encouraged means: of Encourage

Meaning of Unbacked

Unbacked means: Not supported or encouraged; not countenanced; unaided.

Meaning of Promottion

Promottion means: The act of promoting, advancing, or encouraging; the act of exalting in rank or honor; also, the condition of being advanced, encouraged, or exalted in honor; preferment.

Dictionary words and meanings

Meaning of Earwig

Earwig means: A whisperer of insinuations; a secret counselor.

Meaning of Gloss

Gloss means: To give a superficial luster or gloss to; to make smooth and shining; as, to gloss cloth.

Meaning of Pleasure

Pleasure means: To give or afford pleasure to; to please; to gratify.

Meaning of Trio

Trio means: The secondary, or episodical, movement of a minuet or scherzo, as in a sonata or symphony, or of a march, or of various dance forms; -- not limited to three parts or instruments.

Meaning of Wagonage

Wagonage means: A collection of wagons; wagons, collectively.

Slang words and meanings

Meaning of LITTLE−EASE

LITTLE−EASE means: Little−ease was old British slang for the pillory or stocks of a prison.

Meaning of Afters

Afters means: 1) Dessert 2) the party after the major event, "the after party"

Meaning of nig-nog

nig-nog means: Stupid person, presumably originally meant a black person. Used before we were old enough to know better.

Meaning of barricaders

barricaders means: (ballacarters) frozen sea ice on the foreshore unmoved by the ebb and flow of the tide

Meaning of gowdy

gowdy means: awkward

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