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Definition of Encouraged

Encouraged imp. & p. p. means: of Encourage

What is the meaning/definition of Encouraged ?

Encouraged imp. & p. p. means: of Encourage

Meaning of Encouraged

Encouraged (imp. & p. p.) means: of Encourage

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Encouraged (imp. & p. p.): of Encourage

Unbacked (a.): Not supported or encouraged; not countenanced; unaided.

Promottion (n.): The act of promoting, advancing, or encouraging; the act of exalting in rank or honor; also, the condition of being advanced, encouraged, or exalted in honor; preferment.

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Meaning of gassed up

gassed up means: v. To be hyped up and encouraged to think more of one's self than needed; to be pumped up provoking arrogance and cockyness.  "Aye, Jay's new girl gots him gassed up, like he's ish or something." 

Meaning of smeg

smeg means: Exclamation of surprise or disappointment f. contraction of "smegma" (a white secretion of the sebaceous glands of the foreskin). Current useage encouraged by "Lister" (Craig Charles) from the T.V series Red Dwarf who used it and the associated expression "You smeg-head!", and used in many a playground since. Often used insted of the word "fuck" when teachers were around. Also used as substitute for minging, i.e. unclean.

Meaning of pecker

pecker means: n penis. A common misconception is that, to Brits, this means “chin” - hence the phrase “keep your pecker up.” Sorry folks, but in the U.K. “pecker” means exactly the same thing as it does in the U.S. The phrase “keep your pecker up” is probably derived from a time when a “pecker” was simply a reference to a bird’s beak and encouraged keeping your head held high. I understand that the word became a euphemism for “penis” after the poet Catullus used it to refer to his love Lesbia’s pet sparrow in a rather suggestive poem which drew some fairly blatant parallels.

Meaning of Whistling

Whistling means: Whistling in a warship has always been strongly discouraged and as late as 1910 was a punishable offence in Training Establishments. The reason is fairly obvious - in the old days not only were all orders passed by means of a bosun's pipe (or whistle) and so whistling could lead to confusion, but also was a superstition that whistling brought wind which was not always welcome. Even nowadays, when becalmed in a sailing boat, an old sailor will stick his knife in the mast and whistle "for the wind". There was one occasion when whistling was allowed, even encouraged: custom ruled that a cook of the mess should whistle when stoning raisins or prunes when preparing a pudding, etc., to show that he was not eating them, but with the disappearance of cooks-of-the-mess, this too has lapsed.

Meaning of Encouraged

Encouraged means: of Encourage

Meaning of Unbacked

Unbacked means: Not supported or encouraged; not countenanced; unaided.

Meaning of Promottion

Promottion means: The act of promoting, advancing, or encouraging; the act of exalting in rank or honor; also, the condition of being advanced, encouraged, or exalted in honor; preferment.

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Meaning of Adambulacral

Adambulacral means: Next to the ambulacra; as, the adambulacral ossicles of the starfish.

Meaning of Debtless

Debtless means: Free from debt.

Meaning of Hair

Hair means: Hair (human or animal) used for various purposes; as, hair for stuffing cushions.

Meaning of Plumous

Plumous means: Having hairs, or other parts, arranged along an axis like a feather; feathery; plumelike; as, a plumose leaf; plumose tentacles.

Meaning of Premonstrator

Premonstrator means: One who, or that which, premonstrates.

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HEY DIDDLE DIDDLE means: Hey diddle diddle is Cockney rhyming slang for urinate (piddle). Hey diddle diddle is Cockney rhyming slang for fiddle.Hey diddle diddle is Cockney rhyming slang for a violin (fiddle). Hey diddle diddle is Cockney rhyming slang for middle.

Meaning of Blurt

Blurt means: Mate, friend

Meaning of pickle

pickle means: Trouble. Pedro forgot that he had invited Remona to the party and got himself in a pickle when he invited Kristin, too.

Meaning of frig

frig means: Though still considered a 'vulgar' word denoting the sexual act, it is nonetheless a slightly more polite way of saying "fuck"; e.g. "Go frig yourself!". Often used by 'ladies' to show how genteel they are!

Meaning of IDMT

IDMT means: Abbreviation for "If Destroyed More True". An alternative to IDST, used to discourage the victim from deleting it. e.g. if I wrote 'David is gay IDST', David would cross it out to stop people reading it, but if it was IDMT, I would then say he is more gay than before., 1980s, UK(NE). Some have argued that the IDMT doesn't refer to the IDMT itself, so are careful to cross out the IDMT first, so destroy the message without it becoming more true. e.g. David is gay <-- IDMT becomes (after David sees it) David is gay which is then crossed out. This has led to long chains of IDMTs, e.g. David is gay <-- IDMT <-- IDMT <-- IDMT <-- IDMT <-- IDMT If David is determined to remove the message, he just deletes the last IDMT, then the next one, etc. This loophole can be plugged by putting the last IDMT in a non-obvious place, such as on the back of the lockers it was written on. If David crosses out the last visible IDMT, I then say he hasn't crossed the one out that was round the back, so taunt him about being extremely gay.

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