Definition of Freedom

Freedom n. means: The state of being free; exemption from the power and control of another; liberty; independence.

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Freedom n. means: The state of being free; exemption from the power and control of another; liberty; independence.

Meaning of Freedom

Freedom (n.) means: The state of being free; exemption from the power and control of another; liberty; independence.

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Liberty (n.): The power of choice; freedom from necessity; freedom from compulsion or constraint in willing.

Abandon (n.): A complete giving up to natural impulses; freedom from artificial constraint; careless freedom or ease.

Freedom (n.): Ease; facility; as, he speaks or acts with freedom.

Freedom (n.): Exemption from necessity, in choise and action; as, the freedom of the will.

Unrestraint (n.): Freedom from restraint; freedom; liberty; license.

Liberty (n.): A certain amount of freedom; permission to go freely within certain limits; also, the place or limits within which such freedom is exercised; as, the liberties of a prison.

Eleutheromaniac (a.): Mad for freedom.

Dreadlessness (n.): Freedom from dread.

Loose (n.): Freedom from restraint.

Insitency (n.): Freedom from thirst.

Freedom (n.): Generosity; liberality.

Unembarrassment (n.): Freedom from embarrassment.

Freedom (n.): Privileges; franchises; immunities.

Parrhesia (n.): Boldness or freedom of speech.

Munity (n.): Freedom; security; immunity.

Freedom (n.): Frankness; openness; unreservedness.

Franchisement (n.): Release; deliverance; freedom.

Irresponsibility (n.): Want of, or freedom from, responsibility or accountability.

Immixture (n.): Freedom from mixture; purity.

Inconfusion (n.): Freedom from confusion; distinctness.

Temperature (n.): Freedom from passion; moderation.

Inaffectation (n.): Freedom from affectation; naturalness.

Aplanatism (n.): Freedom from spherical aberration.

Unconstraint (n.): Freedom from constraint; ease.

Security (n.): Freedom from risk; safety.

Inerrability (n.): Freedom or exemption from error; infallibility.

Easiness (n.): Freedom from jolting, jerking, or straining.

Illimitation (n.): State of being illimitable; want of, or freedom from, limitation.

Certainty (n.): Clearness; freedom from ambiguity; lucidity.

Certitude (n.): Freedom from doubt; assurance; certainty.

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TWO DIGIT NUMBERS means: used at Cam Ranh Bay Air Base in 1969/70. Meant less then one hundred days to that freedom bird out of Vietnam. Everyone in the Security Police Squardron would say it everytime someone asked "How's it going."

Meaning of rush goalie

rush goalie means: Goalie has freedom to leave penalty area (soccer).


FREEDOM BIRD means: any aircraft that took you back to the "world" (U.S.A.). The aircraft on which you left Vietnam.

Meaning of rainbow

rainbow means: A symbol celebrating the uniqueness and diversity within the GLB community. Often displayed in the form of a flag or "freedom rings" (a necklace of multicolored rings).

Meaning of Looseness

Looseness means: Freedom. "He spoke with a perfect looseness.”

Meaning of bent

bent means: Adj. 1. Homosexual, as opposed to 'straight'. Derog. [Mid 1900s] 2. Criminal, corrupt. E.g."You can usually buy your freedom; the cops are bent and paid poorly." [Early 1900s] 3. Illegal, stolen. E.g."I'm not touching that video, it's bent." [Early 1900s]

Meaning of LearnQuran.Online

LearnQuran.Online means: The second level that this holds on is freedom from any evil thoughts, intention, and ill-meaning ideas. Visit :
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Address: G-11/2, Suite # 366, Street # 70, Islamabad, Pakistan. 44000
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Meaning of Hay Harry

Hay Harry means: Harry Hay, Born April 7, 1912, in England, 1912 died on Thursday October 24, 2002 at 01:42 PM at age 90. He was one of the founding members of the Mattachine Society in 1948, the first gay rights organization in this United States, in the 1950s, and several years ago helped with the founding of another gay organization, the Radical Faeries in 1979. "Father of the Gay Rights Movement". This is one man who made it possible for millions to live in freedom and with self-respect. He launched the publication R.F.D. in 1974. Harry Hay, is in the "WHO'S WHO Leaders & Legends of the witchcraft, and Pagan community".

Meaning of The LA Criminal Defense Law Firm

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We understand that being charged with a crime can be embarrassing, frightening, and downright aggravating. You may be facing a jail or prison sentence that can affect every aspect of your life. A criminal record can create roadblocks when you apply for a job, professional license, rental housing, insurance, loan, or an immigration visa or citizenship. Moreover, when you retain a criminal defense lawyer, you’re purchasing peace of mind in knowing that you’ll have someone representing your best interests and fighting for you around the clock. At The LA Criminal Defense Law Firm, we take great honor in providing that peace of mind and really appreciate the trust that our clients place in us to protect their rights and freedom. We believe that every client deserves the most aggressive defense possible no matter what the charge.

The legal system entitles everyone to a fair trial and considers defendants innocent until proven guilty. However, prosecutors and law enforcement officials often seem to forget this when questioning the accused or filing charges against them. With so much at stake, you don’t want to risk putting your case in the hands of just any Los Angeles defense lawyer. We will give your case the individualized attention it deserves and works with you to determine the best course of action. Our attorneys will handle your case professionally and without judgment.

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Meaning of Vista Criminal Attorney Law Firm

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Meaning of Bankruptcy Attorney

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Meaning of Modesto Bankruptcy Attorney

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Meaning of Bakersfield DUI Attorneys

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"Patrick was born in Tarzana, California. Patrick grew up in Santa Clarita. In high school he moved to Tehachapi. After his graduation from Tehachapi High School, Patrick earned his B.A. in Political Science from UCLA. Patrick enjoyed his last quarter of college in Washington DC where he studied at the UCLA Center for American Politics and Public Policy and interned for the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee.

Patrick studied law at Boston University School of Law. While at BU, Patrick participated in the Litigation Clinic and Legislative Internship Clinic in which he interned for the Massachusetts Senate Minority Leader.

Patrick obtained his Juris Doctorate from BU. Patrick is admitted to the State Bar of California, and the Eastern and Central Districts of California. Patrick was an associate attorney at Clifford & Brown and then practiced in Washington DC. Upon returning home to Kern County, he focused his attorney work exclusively on DUI defense.

Patrick also leverages his developed skills to effectively negotiate for his clients and frame complex legal issues at the appellate level. He is part of the team that handled and successfully argued Department of Motor Vehicles v. Najera (5th Dist. Court of Appeal) and Department of Motor Vehicles v. Bouton (5th Dist. Court of Appeal) which are the first California appellate cases to address the issue of substantial evidence rebutting the presumption that reported blood test results are reliable.

He practices law to promote justice for our community. We all know that an arrest can happen to anyone; it takes just one momentary lapse in good judgment or bad luck. Patrick is blessed with the opportunity to help good people turn around bad situations one step at a time.

Patrick takes great pride in leading the Bakersfield DUI Attorneys because we make a difference in people’s lives. Every day Patrick helps people to stand up, dust off and move forward—stronger, wiser, more focused and with greater appreciation for personal freedom. If Patrick can reduce the fear factor and empower folks to use a difficult situation as a fulcrum for positive growth and change, he has accomplished his mission.
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Meaning of rainbow flag

rainbow flag means: The Alyson Almanac: A Treasury of Information for the Gay and Lesbian Community describes Rainbow Flag as follows: In 1978, Gilbert Baker of San Francisco designed and made a flag with six stripes representing the six colors of the rainbow as a symbol of gay and lesbian community pride. Slowly the flag took hold, offering a colorful and optimistic alternative to the more common pink triangle symbol. Today it is recognized by the International Congress of Flag Makers, and is flown in lesbian and gay pride marches worldwide. In 1989, the rainbow flag received nationwide attention after John Stout successfully sued his landlords in West Hollywood, when they prohibited him from displaying the flag from his apartment balcony. Meanwhile, Baker is still in San Francisco, and still making more flags. The Rainbow Flag by Steven W. Anderson appeared in GAZE Magazine (Minneapolis), #191, on 28 May 1993, p. 25: Color has long played an important role in our community's expression of pride. In Victorian England, for example, the color green was associated with homosexuality. The color purple (or, more accurately, lavender) became popularized as a symbol for pride in the late 1960s - a frequent post-Stonewall catchword for the gay community was "Purple Power". And, of course, there's the pink triangle. Although it was first used in Nazi Germany to identify gay males in concentration camps, the pink triangle only received widespread use as a gay pop icon in the early 1980s. But the most colorful of our symbols is the Rainbow Flag, and its rainbow of colors - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple - represents the diversity of our community. The first Rainbow Flag was designed in 1978 by Gilbert Baker, a San Francisco artist, who created the flag in response to a local activist's call for the need of a community symbol. (This was before the pink triangle was popularly used as a symbol of pride.) Using the five-striped "Flag of the Race" as his inspiration, Baker designed a flag with eight stripes: pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. According to Baker, those colors represented, respectively: sexuality, life, healing, sun, nature, art, harmony, and spirit. Baker dyed and sewed the material for the first flag himself - in the true spirit of Betsy Ross. Baker soon approached San Francisco's Paramount Flag Company about mass producing and selling his "gay flag". Unfortunately, Baker had hand-dyed all the colors, and since the color "hot pink" was not commercially available, mass production of his eight-striped version became impossible. The flag was thus reduced to seven stripes. In November 1978, San Francisco's gay community was stunned when the city's first openly gay supervisor, Harvey Milk, was assassinated, Wishing to demonstrate the gay community's strength and solidarity in the aftermath of this tragedy, the 1979 Pride Parade Committee decided to use Baker's flag. The committee eliminated the indigo stripe so they could divide the colors evenly along the parade route - three colors on one side of the street and three on the other. Soon the six colors were incorporated into a six-striped version that became popularized and that, today, is recognized by the International Congress of Flag Makers. In San Francisco, the Rainbow Flag is everywhere: it can be seen hanging from apartment windows throughout the city (most notably in the Castro district), local bars frequently display the flag, and Rainbow Flag banners are hung from lampposts on Market Street (San Francisco's main avenue) throughout Pride Month. Visiting the city, one can not help but feel a tremendous sense of pride at seeing this powerful symbol displayed so prominently. Although the Rainbow Flag was initially used as a symbol of pride only in San Francisco, it has received increased visibility in recent years. Today, it is a frequent sight in a number of other cities as well - New York, West Hollywood, and Amsterdam, among them. Even in the Twin Cities, the flag seems to be gaining in popularity. Indeed, the Rainbow Flag reminds us that ours is a diverse community - composed of people with a variety of individual tastes of which we should all be proud. Sources used for this article were found at Quatrefoil Library in St. Paul, and include: "Vexed by Rainbows", by Paul Zomcheck, in "Bay Area Reporter" (June 26, 1986); "Rainbow Flag" in "The Alyson Almanac" (1989); and "The Rainbow Flag", in "Parade 90: San Francisco Gay/Lesbian Freedom Day Parade and Celebration" (June 24, 1990) Also see:

Meaning of Liberty

Liberty means: The power of choice; freedom from necessity; freedom from compulsion or constraint in willing.

Meaning of Abandon

Abandon means: A complete giving up to natural impulses; freedom from artificial constraint; careless freedom or ease.

Meaning of Freedom

Freedom means: Ease; facility; as, he speaks or acts with freedom.

Meaning of Freedom

Freedom means: Exemption from necessity, in choise and action; as, the freedom of the will.

Meaning of Unrestraint

Unrestraint means: Freedom from restraint; freedom; liberty; license.

Meaning of Liberty

Liberty means: A certain amount of freedom; permission to go freely within certain limits; also, the place or limits within which such freedom is exercised; as, the liberties of a prison.

Meaning of Eleutheromaniac

Eleutheromaniac means: Mad for freedom.

Meaning of Dreadlessness

Dreadlessness means: Freedom from dread.

Meaning of Loose

Loose means: Freedom from restraint.

Meaning of Insitency

Insitency means: Freedom from thirst.

Meaning of Freedom

Freedom means: Generosity; liberality.

Meaning of Unembarrassment

Unembarrassment means: Freedom from embarrassment.

Meaning of Freedom

Freedom means: Privileges; franchises; immunities.

Meaning of Parrhesia

Parrhesia means: Boldness or freedom of speech.

Meaning of Munity

Munity means: Freedom; security; immunity.

Dictionary words and meanings

Meaning of Cheesemonger

Cheesemonger means: One who deals in cheese.

Meaning of Disclose

Disclose means: To make known, as that which has been kept secret or hidden; to reveal; to expose; as, events have disclosed his designs.

Meaning of Leonese

Leonese means: Of or pertaining to Leon, in Spain.

Meaning of Rapt

Rapt means: imp. & p. p. of Rap, to snatch away.

Meaning of Transvolation

Transvolation means: The act of flying beyond or across.

Slang words and meanings

Meaning of point Percy (at the porcelain)

point Percy (at the porcelain) means: Vrb phrs. Of males, to urinate.

Meaning of IRON HORSE

IRON HORSE means: Subway train.

Meaning of Not the brightest lightsaber in the galaxy

Not the brightest lightsaber in the galaxy means: Unintelligent.

Meaning of Hornswaggle

Hornswaggle means: To cheat.

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