Definition of Frequent

Frequent n. means: Often or commonly reported.

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Frequent n. means: Often or commonly reported.

Meaning of Frequent

Frequent (n.) means: Often or commonly reported.

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Frequent (n.): Often to be met with; happening at short intervals; often repeated or occurring; as, frequent visits.

Frequented (imp. & p. p.): of Frequent

Frequenting (p. pr. & vb. n.): of Frequent

Oft (a.): Frequent; often; repeated.

Overfrequent (a.): Too frequent.

Crebrous (a.): Frequent; numerous.

Frequentness (n.): The quality of being frequent.

Frequent (n.): Often or commonly reported.

Unfrequent (v. t.): To cease to frequent.

Often (a.): Frequent; common; repeated.

Frequent (a.): To make full; to fill.

Frequent (a.): To visit often; to resort to often or habitually.

Frequent (n.): Full; crowded; thronged.

Attrectation (n.): Frequent handling or touching.

Ipecac (n.): An abbreviation of Ipecacuanha, and in more frequent use.

Range (n.): To be native to, or to live in; to frequent.

Common (v.): Often met with; usual; frequent; customary.

Overchange (n.): Too much or too frequent change; fickleness.

Use (v. i.): To be accustomed to go; to frequent; to inhabit; to dwell; -- sometimes followed by of.

Beat (v. i.): A place of habitual or frequent resort.

Inculcation (n.): A teaching and impressing by frequent repetitions.

Metacism (n.): A defect in pronouncing the letter m, or a too frequent use of it.

Patronize (v. t.): To trade with customarily; to frequent as a customer.

Mytacism (n.): Too frequent use of the letter m, or of the sound represented by it.

Gastroduodenitis (n.): Inflammation of the stomach and duodenum. It is one of the most frequent causes of jaundice.

Wench (v. i.): To frequent the company of wenches, or women of ill fame.

Mexicanize (v. t.): To cause to be like the Mexicans, or their country, esp. in respect of frequent revolutions of government.

Haunt (v. t.): To inhabit or frequent as a specter; to visit as a ghost or apparition.

Continual (a.): Occuring in steady and rapid succession; very frequent; often repeated.

Spermatorrhoea (n.): Abnormally frequent involuntary emission of the semen without copulation.

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FREQUENT FLYER means: Frequent flyer is nursing slang for a patient who has stayed in the hospital many times.

Meaning of pot-head

pot-head means: Noun. An frequent user of marijuana or cannabis.

Meaning of put it about

put it about means: Vrb phrs. Have frequent sexual liasons with numerous partners.

Meaning of Camp Granola

Camp Granola means: Campagnolo, frequent incorrect first reading of the trademark.

Meaning of hell around

hell around means: To frequent bars, chase sex partners; to lead a life of low pleasures.

Meaning of twitterati

twitterati means: n. eager or frequent users of the social networking site, Twitter. 

Meaning of tracks

tracks means: a line of scabs and scars from frequent intravenous injections. See pit and ditch

Meaning of dizzy

dizzy means: Goofy, crazy. Prudence avoided the kind of low dives Curly liked to frequent.

Meaning of dive

dive means: A disreputable eating or drinking establishment. Prudence avoided the kind of low dives Curly liked to frequent.

Meaning of Breaking the Seal

Breaking the Seal means: Urinating for the first time during a drinking session. Once the seal is broken, restroom trips become much more frequent.

Meaning of pill-head

pill-head means: Noun. A frequent abuser/user of illicit drugs in pill form, such as 'ecstasy' tablets.

Meaning of kibbles and bits

kibbles and bits means: Shit; particles of shit passed by a man whose sphincter muscle is so weakened by frequent anal intercourse that he can no longer retain feces without soiling himself.

Meaning of Don't hand me a line

Don't hand me a line means: An expression now used to ask for a speaker to consider telling the truth. This originated from the frequent observation that the person speaking or telling a story would not be helping to tie up boat lines or ropes while docking, but rather leaving the job to the other sailors.

Meaning of NEEDLE PARK

NEEDLE PARK means: Needle park is American slang for a public place where drug users frequent in order to inject.

Meaning of HOTBOX

HOTBOX means: Overheated journal or bearing. Also called hub. This was a frequent cause of delay in the old days but is virtually nonexistent on trains that are completely equipped with ball-bearings. Trainmen are sometimes called hotbox detectors

Meaning of dartboard

dartboard means: Describes (insults) a girl who was known for, or at least suspected of engaging in frequent sexual activity with different partners. As in, "Oh no, don't touch her mate, she's a right dartboard". The definition draws a parallel between a dartboard and the girl since a dartboard always has pricks in it (i.e. the sharpened end of the darts themselves).

Meaning of Best Car Shipping Companies

Best Car Shipping Companies means: When many people consider taking proper care of their automobiles, they think of booking frequent oil improvements as well as song ups, but it also means locating the best services when you must transport your car. Visit:
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Address: 860 Boardman-Canfield Rd., Youngstown, Ohio 44512, USA
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Meaning of cunt (!) *

cunt (!) * means: Noun. 1. The female genitals. 2. Women from a sexual viewpoint. Offensive. 3. A despicable person. Derog. and coarse, and with its associated meanings is consequently particularly offensive. 4. A very familiar term of address. E.g."Hello you old cunt, how are you? You're looking well." 5. A difficult thing or task. E.g."I'm not offering to help him move house, he's got a piano and it'll be a cunt of a job to shift it."Exclam. An exclamation of anger, surprise, frustration, disappointment. * Undoubtedly the most offensive and taboo of all vulgarisms, and particularly so to women, however its use is becoming more frequent. Consequently it is gradually losing its offensiveness and perhaps will in due course become as accepted as 'fuck' in its use. The word goes back to Middle English, cunte, and before then it can only be speculated upon, however some believe its origins lie with the Latin, cuneus, meaning wedge.

Meaning of scopie

scopie means: In the sixth form, the contributor would frequent a pub called the Cross Keys. For some reason (unspecified)they adopted a law called "keys rules" which meant that if anyone left their seat for any reason a person sat in an inferior or less comfortable position could say "keys rules" and claim the empty pew. This held unless the absentee was a "scopie throner" and sat in a "scope throne". If they did, they could rightly expect their throne to be ready for them upon their return. A "scope throne" is a chair with two arms and a high back or even better, two arms which rise out of the middle of a long bench in a pub for no reason other than to give one lucky divvil out of the seven or so people on the bench full use of armrests. As a postscript he added that the process of using "keys rules" is called "keysing", the present tense is "to keys" and after the deed the victim would be "keysed". The contributor was also proud to say that for that summers England vs Germany match (in Euro 2000), he got to the pub early to occupy "scope throne" and was not "keysed" once despite having the best seat in the house and spending most of the game chatting to his mates girlfriend 'cos he doesn't like football much.

Meaning of rainbow flag

rainbow flag means: The Alyson Almanac: A Treasury of Information for the Gay and Lesbian Community describes Rainbow Flag as follows: In 1978, Gilbert Baker of San Francisco designed and made a flag with six stripes representing the six colors of the rainbow as a symbol of gay and lesbian community pride. Slowly the flag took hold, offering a colorful and optimistic alternative to the more common pink triangle symbol. Today it is recognized by the International Congress of Flag Makers, and is flown in lesbian and gay pride marches worldwide. In 1989, the rainbow flag received nationwide attention after John Stout successfully sued his landlords in West Hollywood, when they prohibited him from displaying the flag from his apartment balcony. Meanwhile, Baker is still in San Francisco, and still making more flags. The Rainbow Flag by Steven W. Anderson appeared in GAZE Magazine (Minneapolis), #191, on 28 May 1993, p. 25: Color has long played an important role in our community's expression of pride. In Victorian England, for example, the color green was associated with homosexuality. The color purple (or, more accurately, lavender) became popularized as a symbol for pride in the late 1960s - a frequent post-Stonewall catchword for the gay community was "Purple Power". And, of course, there's the pink triangle. Although it was first used in Nazi Germany to identify gay males in concentration camps, the pink triangle only received widespread use as a gay pop icon in the early 1980s. But the most colorful of our symbols is the Rainbow Flag, and its rainbow of colors - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple - represents the diversity of our community. The first Rainbow Flag was designed in 1978 by Gilbert Baker, a San Francisco artist, who created the flag in response to a local activist's call for the need of a community symbol. (This was before the pink triangle was popularly used as a symbol of pride.) Using the five-striped "Flag of the Race" as his inspiration, Baker designed a flag with eight stripes: pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. According to Baker, those colors represented, respectively: sexuality, life, healing, sun, nature, art, harmony, and spirit. Baker dyed and sewed the material for the first flag himself - in the true spirit of Betsy Ross. Baker soon approached San Francisco's Paramount Flag Company about mass producing and selling his "gay flag". Unfortunately, Baker had hand-dyed all the colors, and since the color "hot pink" was not commercially available, mass production of his eight-striped version became impossible. The flag was thus reduced to seven stripes. In November 1978, San Francisco's gay community was stunned when the city's first openly gay supervisor, Harvey Milk, was assassinated, Wishing to demonstrate the gay community's strength and solidarity in the aftermath of this tragedy, the 1979 Pride Parade Committee decided to use Baker's flag. The committee eliminated the indigo stripe so they could divide the colors evenly along the parade route - three colors on one side of the street and three on the other. Soon the six colors were incorporated into a six-striped version that became popularized and that, today, is recognized by the International Congress of Flag Makers. In San Francisco, the Rainbow Flag is everywhere: it can be seen hanging from apartment windows throughout the city (most notably in the Castro district), local bars frequently display the flag, and Rainbow Flag banners are hung from lampposts on Market Street (San Francisco's main avenue) throughout Pride Month. Visiting the city, one can not help but feel a tremendous sense of pride at seeing this powerful symbol displayed so prominently. Although the Rainbow Flag was initially used as a symbol of pride only in San Francisco, it has received increased visibility in recent years. Today, it is a frequent sight in a number of other cities as well - New York, West Hollywood, and Amsterdam, among them. Even in the Twin Cities, the flag seems to be gaining in popularity. Indeed, the Rainbow Flag reminds us that ours is a diverse community - composed of people with a variety of individual tastes of which we should all be proud. Sources used for this article were found at Quatrefoil Library in St. Paul, and include: "Vexed by Rainbows", by Paul Zomcheck, in "Bay Area Reporter" (June 26, 1986); "Rainbow Flag" in "The Alyson Almanac" (1989); and "The Rainbow Flag", in "Parade 90: San Francisco Gay/Lesbian Freedom Day Parade and Celebration" (June 24, 1990) Also see:

Meaning of Frequent

Frequent means: Often to be met with; happening at short intervals; often repeated or occurring; as, frequent visits.

Meaning of Frequented

Frequented means: of Frequent

Meaning of Frequenting

Frequenting means: of Frequent

Meaning of Oft

Oft means: Frequent; often; repeated.

Meaning of Overfrequent

Overfrequent means: Too frequent.

Meaning of Crebrous

Crebrous means: Frequent; numerous.

Meaning of Frequentness

Frequentness means: The quality of being frequent.

Meaning of Frequent

Frequent means: Often or commonly reported.

Meaning of Unfrequent

Unfrequent means: To cease to frequent.

Meaning of Often

Often means: Frequent; common; repeated.

Meaning of Frequent

Frequent means: To make full; to fill.

Meaning of Frequent

Frequent means: To visit often; to resort to often or habitually.

Meaning of Frequent

Frequent means: Full; crowded; thronged.

Meaning of Attrectation

Attrectation means: Frequent handling or touching.

Meaning of Ipecac

Ipecac means: An abbreviation of Ipecacuanha, and in more frequent use.

Dictionary words and meanings

Meaning of Arc

Arc means: A curvature in the shape of a circular arc or an arch; as, the colored arc (the rainbow); the arc of Hadley's quadrant.

Meaning of Bigamy

Bigamy means: The offense of marrying one person when already legally married to another.

Meaning of Quotation

Quotation means: A piece of hollow type metal, lower than type, and measuring two or more pica ems in length and breadth, used in the blank spaces at the beginning and end of chapters, etc.

Meaning of Starter

Starter means: One who, or that which, starts; as, a starter on a journey; the starter of a race.

Meaning of Unison

Unison means: Harmony; agreement; concord; union.

Slang words and meanings

Meaning of fam

fam means: Noun. Family or friend. Abb. of family.

Meaning of Hit the frog and toad

Hit the frog and toad means: to hit the roar; depart

Meaning of golden shower

golden shower means: A stream of piss, urine.

Meaning of Antique Farm Equipment

Antique Farm Equipment means: Slaves being used for labor.

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