Definition of Ged

Ged n. means: Alt. of Gedd

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Ged n. means: Alt. of Gedd

Meaning of Ged

Ged (n.) means: Alt. of Gedd

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Meaning of Brood

Brood means: Kept for breeding from; as, a brood mare; brood stock; having young; as, a brood sow.

Meaning of Coffer

Coffer means: A panel deeply recessed in the ceiling of a vault, dome, or portico; a caisson.

Meaning of Lunule

Lunule means: Anything crescent-shaped; a crescent-shaped part or mark; a lunula, a lune.

Meaning of Recking

Recking means: of Reck

Meaning of Repose

Repose means: To lay at rest; to cause to be calm or quiet; to compose; to rest, -- often reflexive; as, to repose one's self on a couch.

Slang words and meanings

Meaning of HALE AND PACE

HALE AND PACE means: Hale and Pace is London Cockney rhyming slang for face.

Meaning of shell out

shell out means: To pay unwillingly. I had to shell out $220 for a new water pump on my car.


STAY UP/ STAY PEACE means: Take care.

Meaning of tacker

tacker means: waxed hemp for sewing boots

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