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Definition of Abstrude

Abstrude v. t. means: To thrust away.

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Abstrude v. t. means: To thrust away.

Meaning of Abstrude

Abstrude (v. t.) means: To thrust away.

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Abstrude (v. t.): To thrust away.

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Meaning of Abstrude

Abstrude means: To thrust away.

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Meaning of Bistipuled

Bistipuled means: Having two stipules.

Meaning of Finger

Finger means: One of the five terminating members of the hand; a digit; esp., one of the four extermities of the hand, other than the thumb.

Meaning of Pariah

Pariah means: One of an aboriginal people of Southern India, regarded by the four castes of the Hindoos as of very low grade. They are usually the serfs of the Sudra agriculturalists. See Caste.

Meaning of Perigynous

Perigynous means: Having the ovary free, but the petals and stamens borne on the calyx; -- said of flower such as that of the cherry or peach.

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TUCKED UP AND SNUGGLED means: Tucked up and snuggled is slang for in bed.

Meaning of waster

waster means: n someone who just sits around watching television and spending their income support on dope. Presumably derived in some way from “time-waster.”

Meaning of finger

finger means: A post-pubescent (usu.) behind the bike sheds favourite pastime. Involves inserting your finger(s) into the genitalia of female (if willing). Act often followed by the "fingerer" running over to his mates and inviting them to "Smell my fingers !!" as proof of having done the dirty deed. Cryptic message from Jacqui, who suggests under Finger/Fish fingers, we could add the explanation of Finger Pie, as found in The Beatles' Penny Lane, and blithely sung by many people unaware of the "fingering" meaning to this Liverpool piece of slang. Would someone like to explain what she means please?

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Battlin' Stick means: A stick to stir clothes in the wash pot.

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