Definition of Archeology

Archeology a. means: Alt. of Archeological

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Archeology a. means: Alt. of Archeological

Meaning of Archeology

Archeology (a.) means: Alt. of Archeological

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Archeology (a.): Alt. of Archeological

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Meaning of Archeology

Archeology means: Alt. of Archeological

Dictionary words and meanings

Meaning of Adnate

Adnate means: Grown to congenitally.

Meaning of Commixtion

Commixtion means: Commixture; mingling.

Meaning of Gome

Gome means: The black grease on the axle of a cart or wagon wheel; -- called also gorm. See Gorm.

Meaning of Interlock

Interlock means: To unite by locking or linking together; to secure in place by mutual fastening.

Meaning of Intervale

Intervale means: A tract of low ground between hills, or along the banks of a stream, usually alluvial land, enriched by the overflowings of the river, or by fertilizing deposits of earth from the adjacent hills. Cf. Bottom, n., 7.

Slang words and meanings

Meaning of FALL

FALL means: Fall is Dorset slang fror autumn.

Meaning of PODGE

PODGE means: Podge is a slang name given to overweight or obese person.

Meaning of SKID ARTIST

SKID ARTIST means: Skid artist is British slang for an expert getaway driver.

Meaning of axe

axe means: Taunt against someone who was angry or expressed annoyance. Usually pronounced with the "A" sound prolonged which made it even more annoying; eg X says "Give me back my pencil!", Y responds "Axe!", X- "Give it back now!", Y and others "AAAAAxe!" etc... Probably comes from the concept of a psychopath carrying out an axe attack; sometimes used in the longer more placatory form "OK, OK, don't have an axe attack!". Various private and public schools in the Cambridge area. (ed: I reckon it's just 'ask' mispronounced, but what do I know?).

Meaning of NIMBIES

NIMBIES means: depressant

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