Definition of Arsenicated

Arsenicated imp. & p. p. means: of Arsenicate

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Arsenicated imp. & p. p. means: of Arsenicate

Meaning of Arsenicated

Arsenicated (imp. & p. p.) means: of Arsenicate

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Arsenicated (imp. & p. p.): of Arsenicate

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Meaning of Arsenicated

Arsenicated means: of Arsenicate

Dictionary words and meanings

Meaning of Amends

Amends means: Compensation for a loss or injury; recompense; reparation.

Meaning of Faun

Faun means: A god of fields and shipherds, diddering little from the satyr. The fauns are usually represented as half goat and half man.

Meaning of Gourd

Gourd means: A false die. See Gord.

Meaning of Propionate

Propionate means: A salt of propionic acid.

Meaning of Rookery

Rookery means: The breeding place of a colony of rooks; also, the birds themselves.

Slang words and meanings

Meaning of fanny fart

fanny fart means: Noun. A noise created by the genitals during sexual intercourse with the intake and expulsion of air. See 'fart'.

Meaning of pig-ignorant

pig-ignorant means: Adj. Very stupid, due to ignorance.

Meaning of pier angelies

pier angelies means: Clients of a sailor hustler= a male prostitutes.

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Up To Trap means: Knowing, shrewd.

Meaning of flake out

flake out means: Start acting peculiar, odd, eccentric. I told my brother to flake off because he was bothering me.

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