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Meaning of ALLEGRO

ALLEGRO means: Allegro is slang for lively.

Meaning of ALLER

ALLER means: Aller is Dorset slang for an alder.

Meaning of ALLEY

ALLEY means: Alley is slang for a pale or white marble.

Meaning of ALLEY APPLE

ALLEY APPLE means: Alley apple is American slang for a lump of horse manure.

Meaning of ALLEY CAT

ALLEY CAT means: Alley cat is slang for someone who prowls the streets at night looking for sexual partners.

Meaning of ALLEY OOP

ALLEY OOP means: Alley oop is basketball slang for a pass that is lobbed far through the air and tipped in by a player waiting near the basket.

Meaning of ALLEZ OOP

ALLEZ OOP means: Allez oop is British rhyming slang for excrement (poop).


ALLIED IRISH means: Allied Irish (Shortened from Alled Irish Bank) is Irish rhyming slang for masturbation (wank).


ALLIED IRISH BANK means: Allied Irish Bank is Irish rhyming slang for masturbation (wank).

Meaning of ALLIGATOR

ALLIGATOR means: Alligator is British slang for later.Alligator is Black−American slang for a term used to refer to white jazz musicians, jive people.Alligator is business slang for an investment property that does not bring in enough income to coverexpenses, a condition that devours the property's capital.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of Auto Shipping

Auto Shipping means: Auto Shipping

Address: 860 Boardman-Canfield Rd,Youngstown, OH ,44512
Phone: (888) 687-3243
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.diytransport.com/

The quotes need to include all expenses related to the relocation, including insurance coverage, shipping, and any fees the business might charge. It is essential that you compare the costs and services offered by several business. In this manner you will have the ability to select the most cost effective service.Visit: https://www.diytransport.com/

Meaning of Bottletops & Brushes

Bottletops & Brushes means: Bottletops & Brushes

104 Victoria St
Mackay QLD 4740
0435 941 554
[email protected]

An art entertainment business, hosting "paint and sip" events at their studio, don't typically like to travel but can be booked for large corporate events, the owners (husband and wife) are painter and host, they guide the room (up to 30 people) through a painting, guests have snacks and drinks throughout, it's all plenty of fun.

Meaning of Car Transport Service

Car Transport Service means: Car Transport Service

Address: 860 Boardman-Canfield Rd,Youngstown, OH ,44512
Phone: (888) 687-3243
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.diytransport.com/

The vehicle shipping business should have appropriate experience in moving vehicles from Settle to NYC. Because the distance is thousands of miles long, you don't want somebody who hasn't shipped there before moving your cars and truck.Visit: https://www.diytransport.com/

Meaning of Vehicle Transport

Vehicle Transport means: Vehicle Transport

Address: 860 Boardman-Canfield Rd,Youngstown, OH ,44512
Phone: (888) 687-3243
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.diytransport.com/

Before you hire an automobile transportation business, you must search for customer evaluations, especially those on websites like BirdEye, Google, or Yelp. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau to get more info about the company. The more positive reviews and feedback you discover, the better option you have.Visit: https://www.diytransport.com/

Meaning of Cheap Cigar

Cheap Cigar means: Cheap Cigar

Address: 117 Oakhurst Dr ,Munroe Falls, Ohio
Phone: 13236960294
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://crowncigarbar.com/

Try to understand the health threats caused by cigar cigarette smoking as stogies smoking cigarettes can be bad for you. Generally, they have nicotine that can hurt our body greatly as we get addictive to it. There are likewise some serious consequences of cigar smoking. Cancer can be an excellent risk triggered by cigar cigarette smoking. Visit: https://crowncigarbar.com/

Meaning of Katherine Sellery

Katherine Sellery means: Katherine Sellery

Address: 326 Wilkinson Court,Naples, Florida,33962,United States
Phone: 239-732-1468
Website: https://www.consciousparentingrevolution.com/

When it concerns parenting, often our desire to secure our kids in fact disables them from experiencing the world in such a way that they learn what's finest for them. The number of times do parents state "Don't do that! That's dangerous!" or some variation of that? These are maybe the most typical phrases amongst moms and dads of toddlers, and as an outcome, they become extremely worn out expressions. Visit: https://www.consciousparentingrevolution.com/

Meaning of Deckeneinbaustrahler

Deckeneinbaustrahler means: Deckeneinbaustrahler

Address: Neusser Strasse 422C,50733 Koln,Germany
Phone: 0221-29821660
Email: [email protected]
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Deckeneinbaustrahler führen wir in verschiedenen Größen und Lichtfarben. Die Ausführungen unserer LED Deckeneinbaustrahler passen in fast alle vorhandenen Lochgrößen und Deckenausschnitte. Visit: https://cologne-led.de/LED-Downlights-LED-Einbauleuchten-Einbauleuchten-LED-Cologne-Energy

Meaning of Chocam Market

Chocam Market means: Chocam Market

Address: 892 Jerry Toth Drive, Fairbanks,Alaska, 99701, United States
Phone: 907-479-1266
Website: https://ckmarket.co.kr/

Thinking about going outdoor camping as well as wish to transform your camping journey into a correct outdoor camping holiday? You will certainly find a camping holiday amazing and also a lot of fun for you, your close friends, your companion, or with your family, the option depends on you.Visit: https://ckmarket.co.kr/

Meaning of OBD Port App

OBD Port App means: OBD Port App

Address: 635 Nixon Avenue,Johnson City,Tennessee,37601,United States
Phone: 423-217-6039
Website: https://chkobd.com/product/

The OBD Diagnostic is needed to be positioned within three feet of the motorist's feet and likewise it must be quickly available without the use of any tool. The new age OBD Diagnostic Software includes an interface cable. This cable is what helps to join the OBDII device to the laptop or the computer system. We use an USB or Bluetooth as a serial to link to the OBDII gadget. Visit: https://chkobd.com/product/

Meaning of Move A Car To Canada From US

Move A Car To Canada From US means: Move A Car To Canada From US

Address: 860 Boardman Canfield Rd,Youngstown, Ohio, 44512
Phone: (800) 381-6907
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.canadiancarshipping.com/

As the expense of gasoline continues to rise, numerous services are finding it more difficult and more difficult to keep up with the ever-growing prices. One particularly affected industry is delivering, as the rate of fuel has a direct effect on the cost of shipping.Visit: https://www.canadiancarshipping.com/

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