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Meaning of ACE HURLER

ACE HURLER means: Ace hurler is American slang for a baseball team's best pitcher.

Meaning of ACE IN THE HOLE

ACE IN THE HOLE means: Ace in the hole is American slang for a final surprise which will likely guarantee success.

Meaning of ACE OF SPADES

ACE OF SPADES means: Ace of spades is British slang for the female pubic area. Ace of spades is British slang for completely black.Ace of spades is British rhyming slang for AIDs.

Meaning of ACE OF TRUMPS

ACE OF TRUMPS means: Ace of trumps is British slang for a first−class person.

Meaning of ACE OUT

ACE OUT means: Ace out is American slang for to achieve the top grade in an examination, etc.

Meaning of ACE−DEUCE

ACE−DEUCE means: Ace−deuce is Black−American slang for three.Ace−deuce is American and Jamaican slang for a best friend.

Meaning of ACEY−DEUCY

ACEY−DEUCY means: Acey−deucy is American slang for uncertain quality, both good and bad.

Meaning of ACHE AND PAIN

ACHE AND PAIN means: Ache and pain is British rhyming slang for rain.

Meaning of ACID

ACID means: Acid is slang for the drug LSD. (Lysergic acid diethyl amide). Acid is slang for the drug MDMAAcid is West Indian slang for rum.Acid is Jamaican slang for a special unit of the Jamaican police force.


ACID CASUALTY means: Acid casualty is slang for someone supposedly suffering from impaired faculties as a result of takingLSD (acid).

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of Dell Laser Consultants

Dell Laser Consultants means: Address : Barton Oaks Plaza 4 , 901 S MoPac Expy #350, Austin, Texas 78746 USA

Phone: (512) 347-0255

Email: [email protected]


Hour: Monday-Friday 8:00 am-5:00 pm

Description : Our Medical Director, Steven J. Dell, M.D. is an internationally recognized leader in refractive eye surgery based in Austin, Texas specializing in LASIK laser eye surgery, cataract surgery and refractive lens exchange. In fact, Dr. Dell has repeatedly been elected one of the Top Fifty Opinion Leaders in the field of Cataract and Refractive Surgery by the worldwide physician readership of the medical journal “Cataract and Refractive Surgery Today”.

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Meaning of USA Imaging Supplies

USA Imaging Supplies means: 1920 Magdalene Way
San Diego Ca 92110
[email protected]

USA Imaging Supplies is a leading online supplier of printer toner as well as a large selection of computer supplies. We carry a full array of replacement cartridges for inkjet, laser printers, copier and fax toner

Meaning of County Bail Bonds

County Bail Bonds means: bail bonds

Meaning of

means: County Bail Bonds

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Meaning of Justin Lo Criminal Attorney

Justin Lo Criminal Attorney means: Everyone has rights and criminal defense is about defending those rights. When you’ve been charged with a crime, you come to the understanding that you are the only one interested in fighting for your rights. However, you cannot do it alone and that’s why there is need for aggressive, uncompromising criminal defense. Call the law offices of Justin Lo Law to find the valuable information you’re looking for as you embark on this new process. When it comes to arrests made on criminal charges in Long Beach, Torrance, or throughout Southern California, the situation should be treated as an emergency. Finding yourself in this situation for the first time could result in confusion and uncertainty. Conversely, if you’re facing repeat charges, it means that the stake and potential sentencing will be much higher. Without the legal counsel of a seasoned attorney, you will still be ambushed by legal surprises.

Meaning of G M

G M means: More than Once ~ Gaand Maraavo

By Dharmesh DOLPHIN

Meaning of thot

thot means: that ho over there

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