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Meaning of eh

eh means: Used as an agreement and/or ending to a question. For example, "How's it goin eh?", or "Thats a pretty nice touque eh?"

Meaning of eight ball

eight ball means: One eighth of an ounce of cocaine.

Meaning of eighteen holers

eighteen holers means: The highest-ranking of hard boots, due to its having the most lace holes.

Meaning of elm

elm means: Stupid, lame, crap person. Used as "You elm". This may have been specific to the contributors school as it started the summer they cut down all the Elm trees thanks to Dutch Elm Disease, and their field was left with stumps of rotting trees... an obvious name for someone useless, then.

Meaning of elton

elton means: Toilet. Play on words i.e. Elton 'John' ('John' being the slang for a toilet in the USA)

Meaning of emo

emo means: In many ways a 'would-be Goth' without the balls to cut themselves totally off from society. Descriptor for someone who is 'into' 'emotional music' and/or is an 'emotional' sort of person... i.e. introverted... and depressing to be with for anyone who isn't also an emo.

Meaning of empty head

empty head means: Stupid person with no brains. Used as "Don't talk so much rubbish empty head".

Meaning of empty

empty means: When someone would be free of any markers during a game of playground football. For example, a call of "I'm empty" would suggest that that person is unmarked and in a good position to shoot.

Meaning of emzaddie

emzaddie means: (ed: entered verbatim - some submissions shouldn't be messed with!) emzaddie (sp?) is a term from Star Trek TNG, Cmdr. Troy is a Betazed, it is a word in her native language meaning 'loved one'. She often refers to Riker as this. (ed: ok... but is is slang??)

Meaning of emzoddie

emzoddie means: (ed: no definition for this as such so would like one if someone has one. Contributor said this is a word a romantic person would use. It's from a TV show that has most of it's audience of males.)

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of anru

anru means: .org

Meaning of Side bone

Side bone means:

Meaning of Cartilage

Cartilage means:

Meaning of Blue boy

Blue boy means:

Meaning of TGFAD

TGFAD means: Thank God For Another Day

Meaning of Pete Murray

Pete Murray means: Something that looks a bit Pete Murray is an item that has seen 'Better Days'.

Based on hit song 'Better Days' by Australian artist 'Pete Murray'

Meaning of Pete Murray

Pete Murray means: Something that looks a bit Pete Murray is an item that has seen 'Better Days'.

Based on hit song 'Better Days' by Australian artist 'Pete Murray'

Meaning of to get the tail down definition

to get the tail down definition means:

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Meaning of Phoenix Criminal Attorney

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