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Meaning of HEP

HEP means: Hep is American slang for in style. Knowledgeable.

Meaning of HEP CAT

HEP CAT means: Hep cat is American slang for someone who's hip, aware, knowledgeable, in tune with the times.

Meaning of HER

HER means: Her is slang for cocaine.

Meaning of HER INDOORS

HER INDOORS means: Her indoors is British slang for one's wife, or female partner.

Meaning of HERA

HERA means: Hera is slang for heroin.

Meaning of HERB

HERB means: Herb is slang for cannabis.

Meaning of HERBA

HERBA means: Herba is slang for cannabis.


HERBIE RIDES means: Herbie Rides is London Cockney rhyming slang for trousers (strides).


HERE AND THERE means: Here and there is London Cockney rhyming slang for chair.

Meaning of HERMAN FINK

HERMAN FINK means: Herman Fink is theatre rhyming slang for ink.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of Vac-U-Lock Strap-Ons

Vac-U-Lock Strap-Ons means: Vac-U-Lock Strap-Ons

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Meaning of Speed SEO

Speed SEO means: Speed SEO

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Meaning of Woocommerce Upsell

Woocommerce Upsell means: Woocommerce Upsell

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Meaning of Nile Cruise

Nile Cruise means: Nile Cruise

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Meaning of Monkeydigital

Monkeydigital means: Monkeydigital

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Meaning of Car Rentals at Hualien Station

Car Rentals at Hualien Station means: Car Rentals at Hualien Station

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Meaning of Hilkom Digital Reviews

Hilkom Digital Reviews means: Hilkom Digital Reviews

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Meaning of University Portal Login

University Portal Login means: University Portal Login

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Meaning of Podcasts To Learn Spanish

Podcasts To Learn Spanish means: Podcasts To Learn Spanish

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Meaning of Download Nexus Qcow2

Download Nexus Qcow2 means: Download Nexus Qcow2

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