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Meaning of ironclad

ironclad means: Air-tight, unimpeachable. Max had an ironclad alibi for his whereabouts on the night in question.

Meaning of ish

ish means: Something very bad. There is some major ish going on here.

Meaning of issue

issue means: Problem. That girl got a lot of issues.

Meaning of it

it means: Sex appeal. Whatever it is, she has it.

Meaning of Ivy Leaguers

Ivy Leaguers means: A type of men's pants with no pleats and a buckle in the back. I guess I've have to buy a pair of Ivy Leaguers; everybody else is wearing them.

Meaning of ice

ice means: extremely pure and addictive smokable form of crystalline methamphetamine

Meaning of I'll bust a cap in your #$&?!! (posterior)

I'll bust a cap in your #$&?!! (posterior) means: To shoot someone (not necessarily just in the gluteus maximus).  "Man, you best stop mad dawging me or I'll bust a cap in your #$&?!!" 

Meaning of I'm out

I'm out means: (derived from "I'm out of here") Something to say when leaving, as if to say  "I'm out of here." 

Meaning of I'm straight

I'm straight means: to declare that you are all right in your current state of being, as if to say  "I'm cool," or "I'm good already." 

Meaning of ice

ice means: jewelry, bling, usually just diamonds.  "Man, I'm about to jack that ice he's got on."  2. A veriation of the drug meth. 

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of SEO Jacksonville FL

SEO Jacksonville FL means: SEO Jacksonville FL

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Meaning of Digital Marketing Jacksonville

Digital Marketing Jacksonville means: Digital Marketing Jacksonville

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Meaning of Storage For Rent Edgewater, FL

Storage For Rent Edgewater, FL means: Storage For Rent Edgewater, FL

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Hoarding - when we have the desire to hang on to things, we wish to develop some area for those things so we can utilize them later in our lives. Many people have this worry of throwing things which they think may be useful for them in the future. Visit: https://www.edgewaterselfstorage.net/

Meaning of Online Passport Service

Online Passport Service means: Online Passport Service

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Meaning of Video Production

Video Production means: Video Production

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Meaning of NFL Streams

NFL Streams means: NFL Streams

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Meaning of Weight Loss

Weight Loss means: Weight Loss

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Among the greatest secrets to effective weight loss is accountability. Accountability merely indicates making your options understood and being accountable to continue with them. There are a lot of systems you can select to assist you reach your healthy weight goals.Visit: https://biterite.app/

Meaning of Become A Rockstar Energy Girl

Become A Rockstar Energy Girl means: Become A Rockstar Energy Girl

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Meaning of Orange Glasses

Orange Glasses means: Orange Glasses

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Meaning of Eyewear 2020

Eyewear 2020 means: Eyewear 2020

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