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Meaning of IN A PIG'S EYE

IN A PIG'S EYE means: In a pig's eye is a slang expression of violent enial, refusal, dismissal.

Meaning of IN AND OUT

IN AND OUT means: In and out is British slang for sexual intercourse.In and out is London Cockney rhyming slang for snout.In and out is London Cockney rhyming slang for spout.In and out is London Cockney rhyming slang for sprout.In and out is London Cockney rhyming slang for stout.In and out is London Cockney rhyming slang for tout.

Meaning of IN BED WITH

IN BED WITH means: In bed with is British slang for allied to, in partnership with.

Meaning of IN BETWEEN

IN BETWEEN means: In between is Australian rhyming slang for a male homosexual (queen).

Meaning of IN BITS

IN BITS means: In bits is slang for mentally confused.

Meaning of IN BOTHER

IN BOTHER means: In bother is British slang for in trouble.


IN CAREY STREET means: In Carey Street is British slang for bankrupt, in severe financial difficulties.

Meaning of IN COLLAR

IN COLLAR means: In collar is British slang for employed.

Meaning of IN COOSE

IN COOSE means: In coose is Dorset slang for of course.

Meaning of IN COSTUME

IN COSTUME means: In costume is American police slang for in uniform.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of Victor Phillip Jr

Victor Phillip Jr means: This means a Gay ,long-forehead, black goat

Meaning of An Alex baal

An Alex baal means: When you like making a lot of hairline jokes but you lack one yourself you is an Alex baal

Meaning of A Jesus Shepherd

A Jesus Shepherd means: Is someone who often do gay shit and is bash on indians

Meaning of Afuckingretard

Afuckingretard means: Some who uses the word outters

Meaning of A gay school boy

A gay school boy means: If a boy likes wear skinny pants and owns a lot of skinny band and brand name clothes and footwear and have insecurities he is a fag

Meaning of Just being a fag

Just being a fag means: When some wears and own skinny pants
E.g school boy with puff hair who likes wearing skinny pants

Meaning of Bushmasta

Bushmasta means: When your indian

Meaning of You ain't shit

You ain't shit means: When you think you can hold someone in a fight but your body is shape like a stick figure

Meaning of A bitch ass homo

A bitch ass homo means: When you name Shandon and you look like a Muppet

Meaning of

means: Man o war: comrade ikedi Joshua
Man o war we : man o war wa
Who no go : no go known
Alaska we: Alaska wa
One bullet : one poison

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