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Meaning of KIBITZER

KIBITZER means: Kibitzer is American slang for an onlooker or spectator, especially one who gives unwelcome advice.

Meaning of KIBOSH

KIBOSH means: Kibosh is slang for nonsense.Kibosh is British slang for an eighteen month prison sentence.Kibosh is British slang for eighteen pence.

Meaning of KICK

KICK means: Kick is slang for to give up. Usually referring to the giving up of addictive drugs. Kick was oldBritish slang for sixpence.


KICK AND PRANCE means: Kick and prance is London Cockney rhyming slang for dance.

Meaning of KICK AROUND

KICK AROUND means: Kick around is slang for to discuss easily and informally. Kick around is slang for to go about without any plans.

Meaning of KICK ASS

KICK ASS means: Kick ass is American slang for to punish or forcibly restore order. Kick ass is American slang for to make trouble, behave aggressively.

Meaning of KICK BACK

KICK BACK means: Kick back is American slang for to relax. Kick back is American slang for a bribe.

Meaning of KICK IN

KICK IN means: Kick in is slang for to begin.


KICK IN THE BOLLOCKS means: Kick in the bollocks is British slang for a shock.

Meaning of KICK IT

KICK IT means: Kick it is slang for to die.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of Sbobet88 network

Sbobet88 network means: Sbobet88 network

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Meaning of Sbobet88

Sbobet88 means: Sbobet88

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Meaning of Promotional Products

Promotional Products means: Promotional Products

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Meaning of Autoradio Android Auto Avis

Autoradio Android Auto Avis means: Autoradio Android Auto Avis

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Meaning of Shoes Manufacturer China

Shoes Manufacturer China means: Shoes Manufacturer China

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Meaning of Magnet Manufacturer

Magnet Manufacturer means: Magnet Manufacturer

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Meaning of Hair Distributors Atlanta

Hair Distributors Atlanta means: Hair Distributors Atlanta

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Meaning of Director Of Photography Halifax NS

Director Of Photography Halifax NS means: Director Of Photography Halifax NS

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Meaning of vapeshop

vapeshop means: vapeshop

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Als u helemaal stopt met het roken van sigaretten dan krijgt u het voordeel van dampen met een E-smoker. U kunt advies krijgen van een gespecialiseerde medewerker in onze vapeshop in Eindhoven of u neemt telefonisch contact met ons op, zodat wij uw behoeften kunnen inventariseren.Visit: https://www.the-smokery.com/

Meaning of Abstracte Schilderijen

Abstracte Schilderijen means: Abstracte Schilderijen

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Wist u dat abstracte schilderijen tijdloos zijn en voor ieder oog geschikt zijn. Kunst voor in huis heeft een ruime keuze in iedere categorie die uw stijl of smaak heeft. Wij geven een 2 weken toch niet mooi geld terug garantie en leveren uw bestelde schilderij met een speciale vervoerder zodat u zich nergens zorgen over hoeft te maken.Visit: https://www.kunstvoorinhuis.nl/

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