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KILLING FLOOR means: Killing floor is American slang for a place where sexual intercourse takes place.

Meaning of KILT

KILT means: Kilt is British slang for a girl or woman. Kilt is British slang for sex.

Meaning of KILTIE

KILTIE means: Kiltie is British slang for a Scotsman.Kiltie was Great War British military slang for a Scottish soldier.

Meaning of KINDA

KINDA means: Kinda is slang for kind of.

Meaning of KINDY

KINDY means: Kindy is Australian slang for a kindergarten.

Meaning of KING

KING means: King is slang for cocaine.King is American slang for a male with an extreme characteristic or habit.

Meaning of KING CANUTE

KING CANUTE means: King Canute is London Cockney rhyming slang for boot.

Meaning of KING DEATH

KING DEATH means: King Death is London Cockney rhyming slang for breath.

Meaning of KING DICK

KING DICK means: King Dick is London Cockney rhyming slang for brick.King Dick is London Cockney rhyming slang for stupid (thick).

Meaning of KING DICKIE

KING DICKIE means: King Dickie is London Cockney rhyming slang for a bricklayer (brickie).

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of Brownies Without Baking Powder

Brownies Without Baking Powder means: Brownies Without Baking Powder

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Meaning of Order DNP

Order DNP means: Order DNP

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Meaning of Accountants Cardiff

Accountants Cardiff means: Accountants Cardiff

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A ton of the competence set out henceforth is in fact arising from the viewpoint of performing do work in a firm situated field along with dare the target market to have a reasonable competence of the crucial concepts of book keeping.Visit: https://accountedforltd.co.uk/

Meaning of Ceramic Bongs For Sale

Ceramic Bongs For Sale means: Ceramic Bongs For Sale

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Meaning of Web Hosting

Web Hosting means: Web Hosting

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Brisbane Host can be obtained through a firm that have its own servers, where sites are held. In other words, an organizing service is just one of the requirements in obtaining your very own site noticeable via the internet.Visit: https://uptimewebhosting.com.au/

Meaning of NCC Monza

NCC Monza means: NCC Monza

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Meaning of Billboard

Billboard means: Billboard

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Meaning of 3d Rendering Studio

3d Rendering Studio means: 3d Rendering Studio

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Choosing a making solution can be a daunting experience. Making is a crucial device made use of by engineers today to assist them create a total view of their design so their clients can choose whether to proceed or otherwise. It aids them make adjustments and conserve cash in the future. Using a making solution can be very helpful and also can conserve significantly time and money moving forward. Visit: https://www.studio2a.net/

Meaning of Mushroom Spores

Mushroom Spores means: Mushroom Spores

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They are actually a vegetation varieties that expand without chlorophyll and also, for that reason, possess no requirement for sun light. That provides all of them lots of spots to develop and also prosper that is actually worth discovering. Fungus, for case, is actually a fungi that our company make use of in cooking food as well as therefore are actually mushrooms. Visit: https://www.spores101.co/

Meaning of Halvcells Monopaneler

Halvcells Monopaneler means: Halvcells Monopaneler

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Among the tricks which can make solar battery modern technology such an excellent suggestion for property owners is that as soon as set up, a solar energy system will certainly create electrical power for you as long as the sunlight is beaming. Solar battery systems are extremely enticing as an alternate source of power as well as they will certainly aid you decrease your power expenses. Visit: https://www.solarcellpanel.se/

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