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KNEEL BEFORE THE PORCELAIN THRONE means: Kneel before the porcelain throne is American slang for to vomit

Meaning of KNEES UP

KNEES UP means: Knees Up is slang for a party or celebration.


KNICKER LOOSENER means: Knicker loosener is British slang for an aphrodisiac, an alcoholic drink.


KNICKER−BANDIT means: Knicker−bandit is British slang for a fetishistic thief who steals women's underclothes from washing lines.


KNICKER−WRECKER means: Knicker−wrecker is British slang for a sexually aggressive and successful male seducer.

Meaning of KNICKERS

KNICKERS means: Knickers is a British slang exclamation of defiance or annoyance.

Meaning of KNICKS

KNICKS means: Knicks is British slang for knickers.


KNIFE AND FORK means: Knife and fork is London Cockney rhyming slang for pork.

Meaning of KNOB

KNOB means: Knob is British slang for the penis. Knob is British slang for to have sex.


KNOB CUSTARD means: Knob custard is British slang for semen.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of Curatenie Santier

Curatenie Santier means: Curatenie Santier

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Meaning of Story Of Ruth In The Bible

Story Of Ruth In The Bible means: Story Of Ruth In The Bible

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Meaning of Lab Peptides

Lab Peptides means: Lab Peptides

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A peptide is formed by signing up with 2 or even more amino acids. When the number of amino acids is less than concerning 50 these molecules are named peptides while bigger sequences are described as proteins. The amino acids are coupled by a peptide bond, a special linkage in which the nitrogen atom of one amino acid binds to the carboxyl carbon atom of another.Visit: https://labpeptides.org/

Meaning of Ken Boa

Ken Boa means: Ken Boa

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Meaning of Private Investigator NSW

Private Investigator NSW means: Private Investigator NSW

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Meaning of Israeli-tv

Israeli-tv means: Israeli-tv

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The opening episode received a high and impressive viewing percentage. In addition, the production carefully maintains the confidential identity of the program participants, who reside in a secure and separate area, from the audience, the judges and the production staff.Visit: https://www.israeli-tv.com/

Meaning of Departamentos En Civac

Departamentos En Civac means: Departamentos En Civac

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Meaning of Beneful Hundefutter

Beneful Hundefutter means: Beneful Hundefutter

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Meaning of Double LTC Mining

Double LTC Mining means: Double LTC Mining

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Meaning of Periodontics Courses

Periodontics Courses means: Periodontics Courses

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