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Meaning of KRAUT ROCK

KRAUT ROCK means: Kraut rock is slang for German rock music.

Meaning of KREMLIN

KREMLIN means: Kremlin is British slang for New Scotland Yaed.


KRIPTONITE means: Kriptonite is rhyming slang for web site.

Meaning of KRYSTAL

KRYSTAL means: Krystal is slang for phencyclidine.

Meaning of KUGEL

KUGEL means: Kugel is South African slang for a daughter of wealthy parents whose interests lie in her wardrobe, appearance, boyfriend as a posession and spending money.


KUNGFU FIGHTER means: Kungfu fighter is rhyming Slang for lighter.

Meaning of KUNTA KINTE

KUNTA KINTE means: Kunta Kinte is British slang for a black person.

Meaning of KURI

KURI means: Kuri is derogatory New Zealand slang for a Maori.Kuri is New Zealand slang for an unpleasant or unpopular person.Kuri is derogatory Australian slang for an aborigine.

Meaning of KURVA

KURVA means: Kurva is British slang for a prostitute.

Meaning of KUTU

KUTU means: Kutu is New Zealand slang for body louse.

Slang words, phrases and definitions



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Meaning of Sune Gaulsh

Sune Gaulsh means: Sune Gaulsh

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Meaning of 3d Rendering Services Dubai

3d Rendering Services Dubai means: 3d Rendering Services Dubai

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Meaning of Abogados Barcelona

Abogados Barcelona means: Abogados Barcelona

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Meaning of African Decor Ideas

African Decor Ideas means: African Decor Ideas

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Meaning of Psilocina

Psilocina means: Psilocina

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Meaning of Spanish Translator

Spanish Translator means: Spanish Translator

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Meaning of Slot Gacor Via Pulsa

Slot Gacor Via Pulsa means: Slot Gacor Via Pulsa

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Meaning of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning means: Carpet Cleaning

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Meaning of Puppies For Sale In Miami

Puppies For Sale In Miami means: Puppies For Sale In Miami

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