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KUWAITI TANKER means: Kuwaiti tanker is British rhyming slang for an unpleasant person (wanker).

Meaning of KVETCH

KVETCH means: Kvetch is slang for to complain, whine.Kvetch is slang for a person who complains constantly, a whiner.

Meaning of KYF

KYF means: Kyf is British slang for a woman seen as a sex object.


KYLIE MINOGUE means: Kylie Minogue is London Cockney rhyming slang for a rogue.

Meaning of kabish?

kabish? means: Verb. Understand? Also spelt kapeesh, capeesh. An anglicization of the Italian capisci? [Orig. U.S.]

Meaning of kankles

kankles means: Noun. Fat ankles and calves that lack definition and appear to merge. A combination of the words calf and ankle. Usually spelt 'cankles'. [Early 2000s. Possibly orig. U.S.]

Meaning of kark (it)

kark (it) means: Verb. To die. Also 'cark it'. [Orig. Aust. 1970s]

Meaning of keeker

keeker means: Noun. A black eye. Because with a black eye you can only keek, meaning peep. [Scottish use]

Meaning of keep it zipped

keep it zipped means: Vrb phrs. Don't talk, stay quiet. [Orig. U.S.]

Meaning of keg

keg means: Verb. To pull down a person's trousers as a mischevious act. E.g."It was so funny; we kegged him on the high street in full view of all the Saturday shoppers."

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of Masai Mara Tented Camp

Masai Mara Tented Camp means: Masai Mara Tented Camp

Address: Losokwan camp, Lemek Conservancy, Masai Mara National Reserve, 00100, Kenya
Phone: +254731666555
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.losokwancamp.com/

Wish to spend holidays in a distinct manner in Kenya? Neglect all resorts, resorts and other related locations and transfer to the very best camp, will provide you all outstanding experiences you have actually missed out up until now Masai Mara.Visit: https://www.losokwancamp.com/

Meaning of Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning means: Area Rug Cleaning

Address: 3146 Pine Street, Yemassee, South Carolina, 29945, United States
Phone: 1 (516) 500-2288
Website: https://longislandrugcleaning.com

Expertly cleaning your cherished Asian rug is your finest guarantee for its defense and also long life. Gradually, soil, dirt, dust and also sand accumulate in your rug, accelerate wear and damage the fibers. At some point, such a rug environment ends up being really appealing to mold as well as moth larvae.Visit: https://longislandrugcleaning.com

Meaning of Hualien car rentals

Hualien car rentals means: Hualien car rentals

Address: No. 43, Guolian 1st Road, Hualien City ,Hualien Airport ,Taiwan
Phone: 0988513685
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.hualientour.com.tw/

如果您正在尋求全球旅行的汽車和卡車租賃,無論是在南非使用該國還是需要在地球上其他地方租用汽車度假或服務的南非,之後都有國際 能夠滿足您要求的汽車租賃服務。 安排汽車收集,就像在開普社區租一輛汽車一樣容易。Visit: https://www.hualientour.com.tw/

Meaning of Bodybuilding SARMS USA

Bodybuilding SARMS USA means: Bodybuilding SARMS USA

Address: 1300 Rafe Lane, Slate Springs,Mississippi,38955,United States
Phone: 662-637-6878
Website: https://www.hardcoresarmsusa.com/

Despite the fact that one works doggedly and also rest like a log, one will certainly not have the capacity to build those large muscular tissues without the aid of physical body property supplements. Supplements and also body property go hand-in-glove. One requires to acquire a crystal clear picture about the top supplements available on the market. In addition to the supply aspect, there needs to be a very clear tip of the costs that you may spend to choose all of them up London.Visit: https://www.hardcoresarmsusa.com/

Meaning of Garage Doors Repair Near Me

Garage Doors Repair Near Me means: Garage Doors Repair Near Me

Address: Atlanta, GA,30301,USA
Phone: 1 (800) 429-9031
Website: https://garagedoorsrepairnearme.com/

If you have a lorry, it is important that you have a safe and secure garage with properly working garage doors and also garage door openers. At the exact same time, it is just as crucial that you recognize how to make a Garage Door Repair Atlanta in situation something goes wrong with your system. Expenses garage door openers operate springtimes as well as it is relatively very easy to do such a Garage Door Repair Atlanta. Visit: https://garagedoorsrepairnearme.com/

Meaning of Fire Extinguisher Near Me

Fire Extinguisher Near Me means: Fire Extinguisher Near Me

Address: 1111 Marcus Ave, M28,New Hyde Park, New York, 11042
Phone: 1-347-523-8858
Website: https://fireextinguishernearme.com/

Summertime is here and also besides the fun experience that comes with the sunlight, there is likewise the danger of a possible fire. The blazing warm of summer season as experienced in some locations in the country makes it hazardous for many individuals to leave their residences without an efficient fire-safety device.Visit: https://fireextinguishernearme.com/

Meaning of Florida Farmers Insurance Agents

Florida Farmers Insurance Agents means: Florida Farmers Insurance Agents

Address: 1294 Emily Drive,Hawthorne,Wisconsin,54842,United States
Phone: 803-823-5589
Website: http://farmersinsuranceagentnearme.com/

A hailstorm can mess up a whole plant, but your farming insurance policy will assist you to recuperate from what would certainly otherwise be an incapacitating loss to your finances and also your lifestyle. The security offered through the farming insurance policy could mean that your farm is saved to grow once again following year.Visit: http://farmersinsuranceagentnearme.com/

Meaning of Best ESL Recruiters In Korea

Best ESL Recruiters In Korea means: Best ESL Recruiters In Korea

Address: 3-512, Bugokjoongangnam6gil 53, Uiwang City, Gyeonggido, Korea
Phone: +82. 70.4897.2071
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.eslviva.com

There are primarily 2 methods you can locate a training work overseas, specifically, Asia. Searching for as well as safeguarding a training task over the net and also phone in your residence nation.Visit: http://www.eslviva.com

Meaning of ESL Teaching Jobs Abroad

ESL Teaching Jobs Abroad means: ESL Teaching Jobs Abroad

Address: 4799 Tator Patch Road, Atkinson,Illinois,61235,United States
Phone: 312-864-9926
Website: https://esljobstation.com/

If you can talk and compose good English, an ESL work is ideal for you. You can take your pick of countries all over the world. There are websites on the Internet that can aid you introduce your ESL job. ESL work seekers and colleges hiring English instructors as a second language can visit the sites for reliable ESL work resources.Visit: https://esljobstation.com/

Meaning of Hotel In Antigua And Barbuda

Hotel In Antigua And Barbuda means: Hotel In Antigua And Barbuda

Address: Calle Felipe IV , 7,28014, Madrid, USA
Phone: +34-911 22 99 34
Website: https://embassy.ag/

When sugar came to be Antigua's main plant at some point in 1674, a larger variety of labourers were required to keep the sugar vineyards. It was consequently that a lot of Africans were brought right into the country as was the case in other Caribbean nations at the time.Visit: https://embassy.ag/

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