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KUWAITI TANKER means: Kuwaiti tanker is British rhyming slang for an unpleasant person (wanker).

Meaning of KVETCH

KVETCH means: Kvetch is slang for to complain, whine.Kvetch is slang for a person who complains constantly, a whiner.

Meaning of KYF

KYF means: Kyf is British slang for a woman seen as a sex object.


KYLIE MINOGUE means: Kylie Minogue is London Cockney rhyming slang for a rogue.

Meaning of kabish?

kabish? means: Verb. Understand? Also spelt kapeesh, capeesh. An anglicization of the Italian capisci? [Orig. U.S.]

Meaning of kankles

kankles means: Noun. Fat ankles and calves that lack definition and appear to merge. A combination of the words calf and ankle. Usually spelt 'cankles'. [Early 2000s. Possibly orig. U.S.]

Meaning of kark (it)

kark (it) means: Verb. To die. Also 'cark it'. [Orig. Aust. 1970s]

Meaning of keeker

keeker means: Noun. A black eye. Because with a black eye you can only keek, meaning peep. [Scottish use]

Meaning of keep it zipped

keep it zipped means: Vrb phrs. Don't talk, stay quiet. [Orig. U.S.]

Meaning of keg

keg means: Verb. To pull down a person's trousers as a mischevious act. E.g."It was so funny; we kegged him on the high street in full view of all the Saturday shoppers."

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of Shopping Cart Wordpress

Shopping Cart Wordpress means: Shopping Cart Wordpress

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Meaning of Buff Streams

Buff Streams means: Buff Streams

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Meaning of Podcast

Podcast means: Podcast

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A podcast is a serialized set of electronic audio clips with spoken terms that a customer can access on a work tool for simple listening. An easy and also efficient way for several podcast outlets to take care of individual consumption database and playback is supported by streaming apps as well as podcasting networks.Visit: https://blackpodcasting.com/

Meaning of Linux System Administration

Linux System Administration means: Linux System Administration

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Meaning of Carpet Cleaner Fredericksburg

Carpet Cleaner Fredericksburg means: Carpet Cleaner Fredericksburg

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Meaning of Rug Cleaning DC Metro

Rug Cleaning DC Metro means: Rug Cleaning DC Metro

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Cleaning your carpetings is rather a repulsive experience, particularly when the rug covers a big area, as is typically the instance with industrial facilities, Typically, they have rugs that cover the floor completely. That is the factor that most industrial facilities opt for the solutions of professional rug cleaning business, which is possibly the most effective point for them to do.Visit: https://www.zerorezdc.com/

Meaning of Dog Nutrition

Dog Nutrition means: Dog Nutrition

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Meaning of Ketamine For Anxiety

Ketamine For Anxiety means: Ketamine For Anxiety

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Meaning of Top Doctor Awards Scam

Top Doctor Awards Scam means: Top Doctor Awards Scam

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It seems that every physician that I see has an award of Best Doctor on their wall. There is no lack of listings, reviews, and positions on finest medical professionals, both online and in print. The wall surfaces in doctors workplaces are not large enough to show all the wards yet the absence of integrity persists. You don't know who is doing the testimonials, or that is placing the medical professionals.Visit: https://topdoctormagazine.com/

Meaning of Docrx

Docrx means: Docrx

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Another fad that is obtaining a growing number of fostering in the health care field is making use of e-ICU versions. These designs permit physicians concentrating on remote places to keep an eye on patients making use of two-way cams, high-speed net, and also related devices. REMOTE CLIENT TRACKING aids move healthcare to an ever-changing environment where individual data is promoted by data from linked tools Keystone Functional Medicine.Visit: https://topdocrx.com/

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