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Meaning of Moldy Fig

Moldy Fig means: During the Bop era, fans and players of the new music used this term to discribe fans and players of the earlier New Orleans Jazz.What do you expect, Eddie is a "moldy fig" and he'll never dig the new sounds.

Meaning of Mutton Dressed as Lamb

Mutton Dressed as Lamb means: Dog, especially a mongrel or no-breed type of dog

Meaning of My Ansum

My Ansum means: An unattractive or older person who dresses like a much younger or better-looking person

Meaning of Mutt

Mutt means: Hot or really good

Meaning of Mush

Mush means: Ugly or promiscuous woman or girl

Meaning of Mustard

Mustard means: Person - usually male; face

Meaning of Mullered

Mullered means: Gullible idiot

Meaning of Munter

Munter means: Very drunk or stoned

Meaning of Mug

Mug means: The Police

Meaning of Muff Dive

Muff Dive means: Ugly woman or girl

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of

means: XXX

Meaning of


Meaning of Xxxxx

Xxxxx means: Xxxx

Meaning of Traipses

Traipses means:

Meaning of Frajo

Frajo means:

Meaning of Mug match

Mug match means: ?

Meaning of poofer

poofer means: meaning marijuana cigarettr

Meaning of cushion

cushion means:

Meaning of

means: A gram of herion. Will he do a jab for $70.00?

Meaning of MOZZY


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