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Meaning of OCEAN WAVE

OCEAN WAVE means: Ocean wave is London Cockney rhyming slang for shave.

Meaning of OCKER

OCKER means: Ocker is Australian slang for an uncultivated or boorish person.

Meaning of OCKERINA

OCKERINA means: Ockerina is Australian slang for an uncultivated or boorish woman.

Meaning of OCTOPUS

OCTOPUS means: Octopus is British slang for a sexually importunate man.

Meaning of ODAY

ODAY means: Oday is American slang for money.

Meaning of ODD

ODD means: Odd is slang for a policemanOdd was th century British slang for homosexual.

Meaning of ODD−LOT

ODD−LOT means: Odd−lot is slang for a police car.

Meaning of ODDBALL

ODDBALL means: Oddball is slang for an eccentric person, a nonconformist.

Meaning of ODDBOD

ODDBOD means: Oddbod is British slang for a strange, eccentric person.

Meaning of ODDS

ODDS means: Odds is British slang for to risk, to take a chance on.

Slang words, phrases and definitions

Meaning of Urz

Urz means: Urz

Meaning of Spackhead

Spackhead means: A druggie

Meaning of Happy feet

Happy feet means:

Meaning of Splib

Splib means: Back in the 70's we used this to refer to a joint

Meaning of Enochian Jive

Enochian Jive means: What Enoch tell the enchanting Ones when they call on his knowledge, and whom doesn't have a Book or Tree of Life.

Meaning of goofy

goofy means:

Meaning of furdo

furdo means: A style of fur.

Meaning of Jacksonville Personal Injury Attorney

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Meaning of Offie

Offie means: In school slang, an offie is used as a term to describe someone that’s weird or not “popular”. Ex. Look at those offies (off-E-s)

Meaning of heave ahead

heave ahead means: To have a drink of alcohol to get a person going.

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